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Stuck on the Reverse 1999 Start with Ultimate Training Stage? This guide covers the entire process of completing the stage, so read on!

Reverse 1999 is a turn-based gacha game that features RPG elements and tactical combat. Embark on a brand-new adventure as you reside in a world where arcanists and humans live together. You play as the “Timekeeper”, a being who can travel back in time. You’ve been tasked to destroy Manus Vindictae’s plot and to discover the trust of 1999.

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Reverse 1999 Start with Ultimate Guide

So, you’re keen to complete all of the training stages in Reverse 1999 – I know the feeling. I tried to grind through them as fast as possible, but found myself struggling at certain points. Some of the more specific stages get quite difficult! Training Stage 3 within the Ultimates section is a little tedious to complete, so let’s dive into it.

How to Solve Start with Ultimate

FIrstly, you need to start the stage by heading into the Training Manual, going into the Ultimates section, and tapping the ‘Start’ button on Stage 3 “Start with Ultimate”. The rules go as follows:

  • “The enemies will start the second round with fierce attack. If our Ultimates are not ready by then, we are very likely to be defeated.”
    • “The instructor highlighted this point by the end of the introduction course… Matilda seemed to have forgotten to take note.”

There’s also a little note that talks you through the process of obtaining Moxie during combat. Once the maximum amount of Moxie has been obtained, that character will get their Ultimate! To refresh, you can get Moxie by:

  • Casting incantations in general (using the cards in your deck)
  • Moving incantations around the deck (it doesn’t matter where you move them, as you’ll still obtain Moxie!)

Basically, performing any action using your cards will increase your overall Moxie. Bear in mind that a character’s Moxie will only increase if you move or use one of their cards. If you’re trying to get a specific character to get their Ultimate, you need to focus on their cards.

During Combat

Okay, now that we’ve gone over how to accumulate Moxie, it’s time to delve into how to solve this Training Stage! When you load into the battle screen, you’ll see that Sonetto already has 3 Moxie – focus on using/moving her cards! Commandment V has already reached level 3, so it’s best to move that anywhere along the deck twice to earn 2 more Moxie. She’ll have the maximum amount of Moxie now!

Next, use the Commandment V card on the enemies and wait for the next round of enemies to appear. Her Ultimate will then be added to the card deck, which you can then use alongside some other cards of your choosing. And that’s it! After this, you’ll complete the Training Stage.