Reverse: 1999 rings in the new year with Astrology-themed update

Travel to India to learn about a fearsome comet myth.

Bluepoch Games has announced that an Astrology-themed update will soon launch in mobile RPG Reverse: 1999. The new update titled Journey to Mor Pankh will be available for the PC and mobile versions of the game on January 18th. To participate in Journey to Mor Pankh, you must update the game and complete the campaign.

The update introduces three new characters: Kaalaa Baunaa, Kanjira and Shamane. You’ll travel to India and explore the stars alongside Matilda and these new characters. To learn more about a mythical comet, Matilda heads to India, where she meets a mysterious astronomy researcher, Kaalaa Baunaa. Next, she meets Kamjira, a friendly arcanist, and Shamane, a one-armed man, who is at the shrine for reasons unknown.

You’ll also be able to try on the new Visitors to the South garment series. This new series features “The Young Dog and the Sea” garment for Pickles, the “Roaming in Delhi” garment for Tennant, “The Genius’s Holiday” garment for Matilda and “The Adventure on the Mountains” garment for Leilani.

From January 18th through February 8th, the game will introduce the 6-star character Kaalaa Baunaa and the 5-star character Kanjira. The update will also introduce a new event story, Journey to Mor Pankh, and a character story for Kaalaa Baunaa called Between Dusts and Stars.

The second half of the update will run from February 8th to 29th and will introduce the 6-star character Shamane and his character story, Bells Echoing in the Valley. You can earn growth materials and Clear Drops by completing Shamane’s character story as well as through the Shamane’s Left Arm event. Reverse: 1999 will also hold two login events, one for each half of the update. During the two events, you’ll have a chance to gain a total of 14 Unilogs.

Further, you’ll have the chance to get up to 90 Clear Drops during the Spring Greetings event. Additionally, you can nab FAME Cards during the seasonal UTTU Flash Gathering, The First Epic. From February 22nd through February 29th, you can participate in the Mysterious Waves event, where you can earn Picrasma Candy among other growth materials.