Reverse: 1999 releases phase two of version 1.4 with a plethora of events

  • Phase 2 of version 1.4 releases with new arcanist, 6
  • 6 is a 6-star arcanist with a new story mission
  • Several other UTTU Flash Gathering events

Last month, Bluepoch released the new version 1.4 update for Reverse: 1999, titled The Prisoner in the Cave. The first half of this patch saw Timekeepers embark on a journey to an unknown island where they met arcanist 37. Phase two expands on the storyline with a ton of new content, including another arcanist and a bunch of other events.

In phase two of Reverse: 1999’s version 1.4 update, you’ll be able to add the enigmatic arcanist 6 to your squad. As the only Apeiron leader, he is determined to uncover the truth for his people even if it costs him his reputation. Get ready to recruit a new playable arcanist, the enigmatic 6, and accompany him on his quest for eternal happiness. You’ll have until April 17th to clear all challenges and get all these rewards.

The new arcanist, 6, is a 6-star hero who carries the Seeker in the Cave banner. 6 isn’t one person, but it is a title that has been passed down from generation to generation. Only those who are worthy can take up the mantle. Representing perfection and harmony, 6 is on a mission to uncover the truth behind eternal happiness.

You can learn more about 6 in his character story, titled Trudge in the Long Night. In this tale, you’ll explore fate with the new arcanist as you earn valuable rewards including Clear Drops and other growth materials. Alongside 6’s story, more of Oliver Fog’s history will also come to light in the Anecdote mode, available from April 1st.

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Other events include a ten-day login spree offering several goodies, the UTTU Flash Gathering where you can collect Flame Cards to get La Source’s outfit for free, and the Sealed Records event which grants Clear Drops on successfully aiding a potionist and their monitor assistant.

Add 6 to your squad by downloading Reverse: 1999 now for free.