Reverse: 1999 has just released phase one of the version 1.4 update with new gameplay modes and characters

  • Phase one of version 1.4 carries forward the main storyline with an adventure on an unknown island
  • 37 is a new arcanist who is an expert at mathematics
  • Phase two will release in March with even more gameplay events

Bluepoch Games has just unveiled the highly anticipated Ancient Greece-themed update, The Prisoner in the Cave, for their strategic RPG Reverse: 1999. This patch marks Phase One of Version 1.4, introducing you to an exciting new chapter in the Reverse: 1999 storyline. There’s also the Mystery Box Carnival 2024 to look out for.

In Reverse: 1999’s latest update, you will embark on a journey to an uncharted island alongside Timekeeper Vertin, Sonetto, Regulus, and Liliya. Along the way, they’ll recruit a new playable arcanist called 37, whose mathematical prowess knows no bounds., and explore three new gameplay modes. This is the first new chapter in the game’s main storyline and there’s plenty more to come within v1.4 itself.

Even the newcomers are in for a treat as they have a chance to claim up to 80 free draws and select a 5-star character of their choice. Speaking of characters, 37 is a 6-star Star-type arcanist who’s been surrounded by numbers all her life. She is a little absent-minded but thanks to her insights, 37 brings a unique perspective to the game.

Once you’re through with 37’s character story as well as the Set Sail Again and Sealed Records events, you will be rewarded with several growth materials and Clear Drops. A plethora of garments will be up for grabs, including the new Lines and Numbers series for arcanists Lilya, Diggers, Sweetheart, and La Source, and older outfits that are part of v1.1.

Here’s a Reverse: 1999 tier list of all the best characters!

Furthermore, players can look forward to a lot of features in Phase Two of Version 1.4, including two new gameplay modes: Mane’s Bulletin and Anecdote. Furthermore, the update will introduce another 6-star scholar named 6, and new events like the UTTU Flash Gathering Wandering on the Shore.

Phase one of version 1.4 is currently downloadable, with the next phase releasing early in March. Download Reverse: 1999 now for free.