Reverse: 1999 goes back to Ancient Greece with new update The Prisoner in the Cave

  • The new update extends the storyline of Reverse: 1999
  • You’ll be able to explore a mysterious island unaffected by The Storm
  • The update will add two new characters and story events for these arcanists

Reverse: 1999’s new update, The Prisoner in the Cave, is set to take the time-twisting idle RPG back to ancient Greece with a new storyline. There’ll also be new characters to recruit, gameplay modes, rewards and more.

Reverse: 1999 tasks you with managing a team of arcanists as the Timekeeper Vertin, attempting to understand the catastrophic event known as The Storm which reverses and destroys timelines. This latest update is set to take players to a mysterious island unaffected by The Storm, and if the promotional artwork is any indication, this island itself will be a time capsule of ancient Greece, promising all-new mysteries to explore and characters to meet. 

Let’s do the time warp again…again

It’s definitely a pleasure to see the storyline of Reverse: 1999 being expanded upon, however confusing it may be. You’ll also be able to enjoy not just the new story but also two new characters with typically enigmatic names: Beyond the World of Matters will be recruitable in phase 1 while Seeker in the Cave will be recruitable in phase 2.

Additionally, there are three new game modes to explore. Mane’s Bulletin is a boss rush, while The Three Doors introduces 3D puzzles to Reverse: 1999. Finally, Anecdote offers a deeper dive into the stories of various arcanists, featuring never-before-seen stories for characters like Charlie and Oliver Fog.

You can also claim 250 clear drops with the codes…well, you can use some of the codes for Reverse:1999 from our collection! But that’s not all – there are also two new sign-in events for phase 1, Treasure in the Suitcase and Treasure on the Beach. The Carnival Invitation event, meanwhile, will let you summon a free 5-star arcanist of your choice.

Add onto that the release of Reverse: 1999’s soundtrack on Spotify, the launch of the game’s own record label, plus figurines and more available for pre-order, and it seems this latest update is showing that Reverse: 1999 is here to stay.

If you’re interested in learning more about the game, there’s an updated tier list of characters from Reverse: 1999.