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Can’t find a Revelation M Tier List? Luckily for you, you’ve found one right here! Scroll down to have a look at our tier list that ranks every available class and job in the game from best to worst. If a new class or job is added to the game in future updates, I’ll add them to the rankings below after testing them out – so make sure to bookmark this page!

Revelation M is a mobile MMORPG that brings life-like graphics to the forefront. Meet new friends, battle against a wide range of perilous enemies, and embark on an adventure across the ocean (and sky). With a plethora of dungeons to trawl through, you’ll come across a bounty of treasures that’ll surely give your character that extra-needed boost.

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Revelation M Tier List

Wondering which classes and jobs are the strongest in the mobile MMORPG? Let this guide do the hard work! All you need to do is take a look at the tier list below and decide whether you want to go for one of the best classes/jobs or an average class/job for the extra challenge!

S Tier

The best classes and jobs in Revelation M right now.

  • Swordsaint (Class)
  • Spirit Shaper (Class)
  • Thief (Job)

A Tier

The second-best classes and jobs in the MMORPG, they’re just a little weaker than those in S-tier. Still, they’re great options if you don’t want to use the classes and jobs above!

  • Blademaster (Class)
  • Swordmage (Class)
  • Chef (Job)

B Tier

These classes and jobs aren’t bad per se, they’re just average in terms of stats and abilities. Especially the jobs, as they don’t exactly provide anything to your character’s overall power.

  • Gunslinger (Class)
  • Occultist (Class)
  • Musician (Job)
  • Dancer (Job)
  • Stylist (Job)

C Tier

Weak classes and jobs that are only worth using if none of the others strike your fancy. That or you’ve made an alt on a different server and want to try something new! Just make sure not to rely on them.

D Tier

The worst classes and jobs in Revelation M – don’t even bother making an alt account to try these out, you’ll be wasting your time.

  • None of the classes or jobs are weak enough to be placed in D-tier right now!