September 24, 2023

Retro Game Challenge 1 + 2 Replay

Bandai Namco is bringing Retro Game Challenge 1 + 2 Replay to Switch, the company revealed today. Details on launch timing were not provided.

Retro Game Challenge originally came to the DS in 2007, and XSEED later brought it to North America in 2009. The series also saw Retro Game Challenge 2 launch in 2009, but only in Japan. Retro Game Challenge 3 later released in 2014 for 3DS as another Japan-exclusive.

Retro Game Challenge is based on the popular Japanese Game Center CX TV series. It offers a few different classic-style experiences to play through, and it’s all woven together with a story in which a child plays retro games in order to appease the Demon Arino.

Retro Game Challenge 1 + 2 Replay provides remastered versions of the original DS games. Additionally, a new side-scrolling beat ’em up experience is included. Further details on this, as well as other new elements, will be shared later.

We have the first trailer below.

Teaser Trailer

The official website from Bandai Namco can be found here. For those attending the 2023 Tokyo Game Show, it’ll be playable for the first time.

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