September 24, 2023

Challenging yourself to collect all of the Residence Massacre badges? Read below to find out how to obtain each and every badge in the Roblox horror game! Some are much easier than others, and some badges require playing in multiplayer mode.

Residence Massacre is a chilling Roblox horror game that is entirely set in a house – and a garden. It’s a relatively short game, which can be completed within 15 minutes if you manage to beat it the first time around! Spend some time before sunset to prepare for the night of terror as you pick up useful items to help with your survival. Once the night arrives, you’ll have to do everything you can to avoid the creature outside…

For more information about Residence Massacre, you can visit the game’s official Roblox page. We also have a How to Beat Residence Massacre guide! For more horror game content, take a look at our guides for How to Turn On the Projector in Short Creepy Stories and Where is the Hidden Vault in Short Creepy Stories.

Residence Massacre Badges Guide

Now, let’s move on to the guide!

Residence Massacre Badges

There are 13 badges to collect in Residence Massacre at this current time – there may possibly be more in future updates!

Going Home Badge

  • You can obtain it by loading into the game for the first time – easy!

Massacred Badge

  • Wait until 12 am and let the monster kill you

Asphyxia Badge

  • When the generator runs out of fuel, stay inside the house to suffocate – this is because the house will start to lose oxygen

Spooked Badge

  • Sit by the computer until the monster spots you

Electrocuted Badge

  • Walk outside and head to the back of the house
  • Click the wires in the Electrical Box without using a wrench

Technician Badge

Soda Enthusiast Badge

  • Drink 3x Bloxy Cola in one playthrough
  • This can only be done in co-op as only 2 Bloxy Cola cans spawn during singleplayer mode

Escape Artist Badge

  • Once the monster spots you, you need to outrun it – the monster will then despawn

Survivor Badge

  • Complete the game by reaching 6 am

Sole Survivor Badge

  • You’ll need to be in a four-player game
  • Be the only survivor out of the four players

Shatterproof Badge

  • Beat the game without the monster breaking any of the windows in the house
  • Works best in multiplayer mode

Bloodmoon Badge

  • You need to have obtained the Survivor badge first
  • You can then access the Bloodmoon game mode
  • Complete the Bloodmoon game mode!

Bloodstained Windows Badge

  • Beat Bloodmoon mode without the monster breaking any of the windows in the house
  • Keep in mind that the monster gets a speed increase in this game mode, and the generator runs out much faster

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