Reports now claim Palworld’s Pokémon comparisons mean Japanese celebs can’t talk about it

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Reports from Japanese media are alleging that a number of Japanese celebrities have been advised to avoid mentions of Palworld, so as not to jeopardise future opportunities with the Pokémon Company.

That’s according to the Tokyo Sports newspaper (as spotted by VGC) who say that they’ve spoken to an unnamed talent agency source who said (per Google Translate) – “We have told our talents not to mention Palworld on social media or in public, which is a consideration for the Pokemon side as an office. It was a decision that took into account future collaborations.”

It’s not clear exactly which celebrities, if any, would be effected by this – but the comparisons between Palworld and Pokemon have been going for some time. While many fans are wondering if Pokemon will sue Palworld, so far owner The Pokemon Company hasn’t mentioned Palworld by name. However, it did put out a statement last week that indirectly referenced “another company’s game released in January 2024” – but only said it would be investigating the matter, with no further update as of the time of writing. While this latest development doesn’t appear to have come from any edict from the Pokémon Company themselves, it seems as though some talent agencies are choosing to play it super safe, given the franchise’s massive power and status in Japan.

Palworld has been a juggernaut of success of its own since it arrived in early access just a few weeks ago. Earlier this week, Xbox executive Aaron Greenberg revealed that the game had gained 7 million players in just 10 days on Xbox alone, making it the biggest third party Game Pass launch of all time. For more on the game, check out our Palworld best chest farming locations guide or find out how Palworld fans can easily get a secret Legendary.