Release date, bundles, and prices

Fortnite skin leaks are always exciting, so you may be pumped to hear more about the Cell and Frieza skins’ release date, prices, and bundles.

Although these skins have yet to release, we have some new information about when they’ll drop and how you can purchase them yourself.

Fortnite: Cell and Frieza skins pricing and release date

If you’re a Dragon Ball Z fan and want to know more about the Frieza and Cell skins in Fortnite, we can let you know more about the release date, prices, and bundles. Some well-known Fortnite insiders on Twitter/X shared some pressing information about these skins.

Cell and Frieza skins release date

According to this recent post, iFireMonkey claims that the shop tab for these Dragon Ball Z skins should appear around December 24. But according to HYPEX, another Fortnite leaker, the skins will drop on December 26.

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All new Dragon Ball Z skins, styles, and other cosmetics

In previous posts, we also got exclusive footage of the skins themselves, alongside the styles:

  • Cell styles: First Form, Perfect Form
  • Frieza styles: First Form, Fourth Form, Golden Frieza
Fortnite Cell And Frieza Skins Release Date Bundles Prices Cosmetics
Image: HYPEX

Alongside these skins, you can expect other cosmetics found by data miners, such as these three:

  • Frieza’s Spaceship Glider
  • Frieza’s Spaceship Staff Pickaxe
  • Cell’s Egg Shell Pickaxe

With the excitement still brewing with LEGO Fortnite, you may be wondering whether these skins have LEGO counterparts. Currently, we have no information on whether these skins will have LEGO versions. Seeing as other Dragon Ball Z skins don’t have LEGO versions, don’t expect Cell and Frieza to have them, either.

Cell and Frieza skins pricing

One thing we don’t know yet is how much it’ll cost you to purchase these skins. Since the majority of Fortnite crossover skins cost around 1,500-2,000 V-Bucks, you can expect the skins to be around that price.

Currently, we don’t know whether they’re a part of a bundle or not, but they will likely be. These skins and the other Dragon Ball Z cosmetics are part of the Item Shop available separately in the leaks. But if there is a bundle, it would probably be around 3,000 V-Bucks.

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