Rec Room set to partner with fashion brand Puma

  • The brand will collab with Rec Room for three limited time avatar items
  • The social gaming platform takes players into a virtual world
  • Rec Room has collabed with other famous brands like TMNT

Social gaming platform Rec Room is set to partner with fashion brand Puma to introduce three, limited-time, avatar items. These will be the Puma P7 track jacket, beanie and pink hoodie that will be available through Rec Room’s in-game assets store.

This latest collaboration follows a long line of recent team-ups between Rec Room and other high-profile brands. Whether that’s items from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, or dressing up your avatar as Barbie for a tie-in to the massively popular Margot Robbie movie. Rec Room also boasts not only the more social aspects, but a host of games for players to share, with their most recent ‘original’ being the asymmetric horror game Make It to Midnight.

Don’t say ‘metaverse’

What’s most interesting about this collab, for us at least, is how it lacks the whole metaverse angle that a year or so ago everyone was talking about. Rec Room is a great platform for social gatherings that takes a lot of the best features from games like VRChat and makes them accessible for players. But they’ve always held that the game is meant to not be a replacement for real-life and that it’s staunchly ‘not metaverse’.

You can check out the gear pieces for your avatar that’ll be coming up on the asset store below!

While this is going to be pretty appealing to someone who’s a massive Puma fan and also one of Rec Room, we have to admit it’s a bit confusing seeing this standing alongside stuff like TMNT and Barbie. You’d think that Rec Room would be squarely aimed at nerds and what they like, rather than trendy sportswear, but hey-ho, to each their own.

You can check out some of Rec Room’s other previous collaborations, like Masters of the Universe. And what’s this? Yes, it looks like Stumble Guys is also getting a collaboration with He-man as well! Small world, eh?