Ready or Not is Now Out of Early Access

Developer VOID Interactive has announced that its co-op tactical shooter Ready or Not is now out of Early Access. With the release of the game’s 1.0 update, Ready or Not now features new enhanced SWAT AI, a single-player Commander mode, 18 missions that can be played in co-op with up to five players. Check out a showcase of the new SWAT AI below.

The studio had announced that Ready or Not would be exiting Early Access earlier this month. Since its original launch, the game has seen quite a few updates, getting new content in the process. The game has also seen a fair bit of controversy during its Early Access period.

Back in 2022, the game was taken down from Steam following a content update that added a nightclub level. Originally thought to have been a reference to a mass shooting in a nightclub that had taken place at the time, the studio eventually revealed that the game was taken down due to a trademark infringement in the at the time new map.

Ready or Not is available on PC. The studio hasn’t announced any plans to bring it to consoles.