Quirky fairy-tale-based Pinnochio Hero: Idle RPG is releasing later this month

  • You play as…who else? Pinocchio, the famous puppet-turned-real boy
  • Only this time there’s a lot more destruction and battling and a lot fewer life lessons
  • Pinocchio Hero is set to release at the end of March

Quick question, what’s the strangest story you could imagine being turned into a mobile game? Well, a couple of days ago it might’ve been Anne of Green Gables in Oh My Anne, a match-3 puzzler. But hang onto your hats because we’re here to let you know that if you ever wanted to take the world’s most famous puppet, Pinocchio, on an idle RPG adventure then today’s your lucky day! Because Pinocchio Hero does just that, and it’s set to release at the end of this month.

Coming from developers PlunderGames, Pinocchio Hero promises an idle RPG experience combined with AFK rewards as you level up your version of the iconic puppet. And yes, before you even ask, the growing nose is indeed a core part of gameplay!

Got no strings, to pull me down

You can check out the trailer for Pinocchio Hero above!

It seems nowadays as if we’re really getting into the weirder part of mobile games. Not necessarily in those that are cheap asset flips, but those that take a truly bizarre concept and apply a surprising amount of production value and detail to them. Whatever you can say about Pinocchio Hero, the game doesn’t look like a cobbled-together cash grab.

But is it going to hold up? You’ll just have to find out for yourself when the game releases on 31st March for iOS, most likely at the same time as its Android version. So no matter what platform you’re on you can experience this strange twist on an iconic story.

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