Punxsutawney Phil takes over the internet on Groundhog Day

Good news: Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, meaning we’re (supposedly) getting an early spring. For this New Yorker completely fed up with cold and dreary weather, that’s a welcome sign.

When you really break down this tradition — man-handling an oversized rodent to glean info about future weather — it is truly deranged. It’s an (admittedly silly) modern version of reading the entrails to determined the gods’ will. It’s weird. Sit and think about it for a minute. It’s really freaking weird!

For some reason, the internet really latched onto that fact this year. There were so many memes and jokes about Phil and his other divine groundhog brethren. Here are some of the best.

See this person gets it.

Apparently Phil isn’t even very good.

Or maybe he is?

OK but why does Phil kind of look like Guy Fieri?

This would be only slightly more weird.

They simply cannot guard him.

It would be scary if Phil did grasp the weight of his duty.

It’s simply the worst day of the year for Phil.

And finally, this.