PUBG New State brings aurora lights to Erangel in latest update

Krafton has released the December content update for their popular battle royale, PUBG New State. The latest monthly patch brings the gorgeous Northern Lights to everyone’s favourite map, making nighttime brawls even more thrilling. In addition, players will find the usual weapon customization changes, gameplay rebalancing, and of course, a new survivor pass.

PUBG New State’s December 2023 update introduces the Erangel Aurora, which blankets the map’s sky with a gorgeous glowing light. Available exclusively in Erangel, these northern lights will transport players to the polar regions as the winters rage on. Just like the real aurora, it won’t be omnipresent and may appear while a match is on.

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The Erangel Aurora isn’t here just for show either, and players must play strategically under it. Winning under lights grants an extra 50% tier point bonus, but losing means 20% more tier points than normal are lost. Weather systems in New State Mobile are still in a preliminary phase and Krafton is looking to add more in the future based on feedback the aurora brings.

2023 is ending with the 26th volume of the Survivor Pass. The protagonist of this one is Sentry and players can get the free character by hitting a certain level. The Sentry and Ravel Queen costume sets are part of the Premium Pass. Those looking for more exclusivity can purchase the Legacy Pass, which features the Moonlight Goddess Set.

On the more technical side of things, the M110A1 has a second customization option now, which allows players to attach a Dedicated Suppressor onto the muzzle. It increases damage and noise suppression, but blocks the muzzle slot and reduces recoil control. Erangel’s session has also been modified, making the blue zone move 10% faster and spawn 20% more items.

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