PUBG MOBILE launches Version 3.0 update with new Shadow Force game mode, fresh items and more

The year 2024 is off to a good start within PUBG MOBILE, where players can now get their hands on the Version 3.0 Update titled “Shadow Force”. In particular, you can look forward to experiencing new themed gameplay across Erangel, Livik and Sanhok, along with fresh mechanics you can tinker around with. New items like the Shadow Blade, Skytether Hook, and Proxy Scout will also be introduced to help you up your game and switch up your strategy in combat.

In the latest update for PUBG MOBILE, the new themed game mode will run until March 11th, and will introduce the melee weapon Shadow Blade. This lets you deal damage to nearby foes with its sword aura, and can even boost your moveability with its Draw Slash skill. The Skytether Hook, on the other hand, lets you launch yourself through the air to get the drop on your enemies or make a quick getaway whenever you’re in a pinch, while the Proxy Scout will let you use the art of deception with a controllable dummy scout.

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Ahead of Valentine’s Day next month, the game is also inviting plenty of romance into the game with themed photo-op locations along with the two-seater bike. Look forward to the new Metro Royale map as well as upgrades to the World of Wonder in the near future as well.

These are only scratching the surface of everything that’s in store for you in this update, so if you’re eager to join in, you can check out PUBG MOBILE on the links below to get your fill. You can also take a little sneak peek at the embedded clip above to get a feel of the update’s vibes and visuals.