February 3, 2023

After virtually 14 years, I’m nonetheless delighted by Windosill. It is nonetheless a pleasure to poke and prod on the wee indie puzzle sport, tugging on orbs, spinning carousels, and jabbing on the many beaks and eyeballs and mouths and noises rising from an ever-shifting field. It is such a reward for curiosity. And it nonetheless appears to be like nice too, with that unaging clean vector artwork from developer Vectorpark. Now it is out on Android telephones and tablets too. I purchased it, and actually get pleasure from how a lot a touchscreen provides to the tactile expertise.

Windosill is a sequence of single-room puzzles which really feel someplace between little curio cupboard and cardboard theatres. A field of geometric vegetation dripping with dew and buzzing with life. A show of fascinating gadgets, hinged paper legs and an eerie doll and slightly home and a twirling crib cellular of ghosts and a springy factor and a clock and folded fabric and waves which ripple as you drag and and and. They’re stuffed with objects which spin and rattle and shake and flop and ding and plip and watch you. So fiddle and play and poke and work out the sequence of occasions you will need to carry out to search out the dice which can unlock the door and allow you to roll your little wood automobile into the following scene. Possibly you must feed a fowl. Possibly you must develop vegetation and catch seeds. Possibly you must steal one thing. Go see!

Residing creatures within the scenes have such a shocking quantity of life to them merely from observing your actions with curiosity, their eyes following and necks craning. It is a easy trick but carried out so nicely. It seems like we’re all taking part in by means of these scenes collectively, my curiosity feeding theirs and theirs feeding mine.

The sport first got here out on PC in 2009, then hit iOS in 2011 and Nintendo Swap in 2022, however solely hit Android this Monday. You should buy it from Google for £2.99. I did, and am more than happy.

Windosill has at all times felt tactile as you knock objects about and tug to interrupt ties, simply the correct quantity of weight and provides to every part. Doing that with my fingertip on my pill touchscreen is even higher.

In the event you dig this, do take a look at Vectorpark’s newest, the playful image e book Metamorphabet. Our Metamorphabet overview known as it “essentially the most pleasant alphabet-teaching sport you might hope for” and we declared it one in every of our favorite video games of 2015.

Windosill can also be on Steam and Itch.io for £2. You might nicely have unknowingly obtained a duplicate on Itch by means of 2020’s phenomenal Bundle For Racial Justice And Equality.

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