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Working towards obtaining Project XL Evolved Abilities? Then this guide is your best friend. With a list of abilities that can be evolved, there moves, and how to evolve abilities in the first place, you’ll find all you need to know!

Project XL is a Roblox game that takes inspiration from multiple anime franchises! As you explore the map, you’ll come across familiar faces from your favourite series. Become stronger by putting your skills to the test and experiencing your own training arc. Bring your top-notch weapons to the battlefield and wield powerful abilities against a variety of enemies!

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Project XL Evolved Abilities

There are certain abilities in Project XL that you can evolve into a more powerful version of itself! Each evolved ability has its own unique move set that differs from the original variant. Remember to bookmark this page so you can keep up to date with the newest evolved abilities.

How to Evolve Abilities in Project XL

It takes a bit of work to evolve abilities in Project XL! The first step is to get the original ability to 500 Mastery. The second step is to obtain the correct stone for the evolution. You can purchase these stones from the in-game shop, located by the main spawn area.

  • Shock Fist
    • Requires the Lightning Stone
  • Burning Spear
  • Black Leg Style
  • Blazing Knight

Diable Jambe

The evolved version of Black Leg Style.

  • E – Diable Mouton Shot
    • Explosive attack that burns enemies
  • R – Diable Table Kick Course
    • Large AoE explosion with rings of flames
  • C – Diable Bouquetiere Shot
    • Speed forward with a ball of flame and summon a huge explosion as you fly into the air
  • X – Flambage Shot
    • A larger version of the Diable Table Kick Course move

Bolt Master

The evolved version of Shock Fist.

  • E – Thunder Chain Punch EX
    • Electrify your enemy with a powerful punch
  • R – Martial Thunder EX
    • Unleash lightning from the sky, electrifying your enemy, coating them in bolts of electricity
  • C – Unrivaled Haze
    • Spin around with electric bolts, attacking all nearby enemies
  • X – Sky Breaker
    • A large AoE explosion of electricity

Magma Knight

The evolved version of Blazing Knight.

  • E – Blazing Slash EX
    • Attack your enemy with a blade coated in fire
  • R – Blazing Stomp EX
    • Stomp on the ground to attack the enemy with a firey explosion
    • Stuns the enemy and deals the Burn debuff
  • C – Blazing Double Slash EX
    • Similar to Blazing Slash EX, but strikes the enemy a total of 4 times
  • X – Blazing Heat
    • Coat yourself in flames and attack all nearby enemies, dealing damage for a total of 10 seconds

Scorching Spear

The evolved version of Burning Spear.

  • E – Axel Blaze EX
    • Strike your enemy 2 times before stabbing them on the 3rd hit
    • The enemy gets thrown into the air
  • R – Axel Charge EX
    • Sprint forwards and attack your target with flames
    • Stuns the enemy
  • C – Axel Burn EX
    • Strike the enemy with your flame-coated spear
    • Deals the Burn debuff
  • X – Axel Raid
    • Teleport to a spot in front of you and attack your enemy
    • Pushes the enemy backwards