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Use our Project XL Class tier list to determine which class works best for you! Each class grants you special buffs, and depending on your playstyle, there may be one that’s made just for you.

Project XL is a Roblox game that takes inspiration from multiple anime franchises! As you explore the map, you’ll come across familiar faces from your favourite series. Become stronger by putting your skills to the test and experiencing your own training arc. Bring your top-notch weapons to the battlefield and wield powerful abilities against a variety of enemies!

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Project XL Class Tier List

If you’re new to a game, you’re going to want to make sure you’re not setting yourself up for failure! That’s why you need to know which class is best to use, to give yourself an advantage from day 1.

S Tier

These classes provide top-of-the-range buffs for your character.

  • Blaster
  • Infiltrator
    • +20% Dodge
    • +30% Critical Strike
  • Bruiser
    • Reflect 25% DMG to enemies
    • Take 10% less DMG when attacked

A Tier

Worthy opponents to the S-tier classes.

  • Tactician
    • Cooldowns decrease by 25%
  • Indomitable
    • Deal +20% DMG
    • Take 25% less DMG when attacked by enemies

B Tier

I can’t say that these classes are overly sought-after, but they’re better than nothing.

  • Enraged
    • DMG is boosted depending on how much HP you have lost
  • Scrapper

C Tier

A slight improvement when compared to D-tier classes.

  • There are no classes in this tier just yet!

D Tier

The weakest classes in Project XL. They either don’t provide any buffs at all, or they provide that little that it’s practically pointless.