PowerWash Simulator maker FuturLab joins Miniclip Group

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UK game studio FuturLab has joined digital entertainment firm Miniclip.

The PowerWash Simulator maker will continue having creative control over its game development and studio operations.

FuturLab CEO Kirsty Rigden will also remain in her position overseeing the team.

“We’re proud to say that we are now part of the Miniclip family! It’s exciting for us to charter a course that brings Miniclip into the PC/console space,” said Rigden.

“This new security will allow us to bring you many more great games in the years to come.”

Meanwhile, Miniclip CEO Saad Choudri said, “In March, we proudly welcomed the award-winning game studio, FuturLab, to the Miniclip Group. The success of PowerWash has catapulted the studio into a genre leader and pioneer in the market for games that soothe.”