Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket, a new upcoming digital version of the TCG, unveiled in new video

  • Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket is an upcoming mobile TCG game.
  • You’ll be able to open two booster packs for free each day.
  • The game features immersive cards.

A new Pokemon trading card game is coming to mobile this year. Pokmon Trading Card Game Pocket was announced alongside various updates for a variety of Pokemon titles. A first look at the upcoming mobile game was revealed in a recent Pokemon Presents. This upcoming TCG will include tons of virtual Pokemon cards to collect, including holographic ones.

In Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket, you’ll gain new cards each day you play, with two available for free. In a stroke of originality, Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket will feature immersive cards. You can tap these cards to be transported into the scene shown on the card to experience it up close. It actually looks pretty cool for a gimmick.

You’ll also be able to trade cards with your friends and participate in fast-paced card battles. The combat follows a simplified version of the rules found in the original Pokemon TCG.

You will even have the satisfaction of ripping open your virtual card packs. Just slide your finger across the screen towards the top of the card pack, and the opening will be simulated, complete with the satisfying sound of the packet ripping.

In addition to the Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket reveal, the company also announced updates for Pokemon Masters Ex, Sleep, Unite and Café ReMix. You can learn about all the new Pokemon game updates by viewing the Pokemon Presents video on YouTube.

An official release date has yet to be announced. However, the Pokemon Company does state on its website that the game will be released this year. They are creating Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket in partnership with DeNA and Creatures Inc. To learn more and keep up with all the latest Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket news, check out the official Pokemon website.