Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Venusaur Tera Raid Event Drops Rare Reward


  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players discover the new 7-star Venusaur Tera Raid can be fairly rewarding.
  • The rare Herba Mystica drops has a slightly higher chance to drop upon defeating Venusaur, making it a good way to farm for the item.
  • Herba Mystica is highly sought after as a resource to use in sandwich making as it boosts the chance to encounter specific Shiny Pokemon types.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players discover that the rare Herba Mystica resource can be earned more reliably from the newly added 7-star Venusaur Tera Raid. It was a big week for fans of the Pokemon franchise as the annual anniversary event revealed plenty of new announcements for current games as well as a tease of the future. The biggest reveal for many was Pokemon Legends: Z-A, bringing players back to the Kalos region and confirming the return of Mega Evolutions. Unfortunately, the teaser trailer didn’t reveal much else and with a 2025 launch date, it seems players have a bit longer to wait for new details.

Alongside updates for many of the other current games in the franchise, Nintendo revealed a special Tera Raid event coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The event, which began on Feb 27 with Venusaur, will cycle through all of the generation 1 starters as 7-Star battles. While difficult encounters, winning gives players a chance to not only capture incredibly strong versions of Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise, but it also may reward players with rare items. In fact, Scarlet and Violet players have already discovered one of the more rare items in the game can be farmed from the current Venusaur battles.


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Following the recent Venusaur Tera Raid event announcement for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, participating players have discovered that the rare Herba Mystica resource has a much better chance to drop as a reward for winning the encounter. It seems the drop rate, while still extremely rare, is largely better than most of the current Tera Raid options available, with one Reddit user posting a screenshot showing they earned four after 1 encounter. The realization has seemingly spurned the Pokemon community into action, with many jumping in and offering tips on the best teams to quickly bring down Venusaur.

What is Herba Mystica in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Players generally first encounter Herba Mystica during the Path of Legends story inside of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Working with Arven in battling Titan Pokemon and acquiring the resource, players won’t be able to actively farm it until after the main campaign has been completed, unlocking 5, 6, and 7-star Tera Raids. The resource is extremely valuable for its use as a potential ingredient for sandwiches, granting a bonus to encountering specific Shiny Pokemon types out in the world or in mass outbreaks.

While fans continue to wait for news on Pokemon Legends: Z-A, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company made plenty of announcements during the recent showcase, bringing new legendaries to Pokemon Sleep, adding three playable characters to the Pokemon Unite roster, and more. Fans of the trading card game also got some surprising news as Creatures, Inc showed off a new all-digital game called Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket. The 2024 mobile title allows players to open card packs, collect digital versions, battle, and trade with others, though for many, the standout feature is the ability to explore the artwork through the use of “immersive cards.”

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