Pokemon Legends Z-A Can Finally Make One Highly-Demanded Mega Evolution a Reality


  • Pokemon Legends Z-A aims to tie up loose ends in the franchise, possibly bringing back the long-lost Pokemon Z and Mega Evolutions.
  • Fans are eagerly speculating about which Pokemon will receive new Mega Evolutions in Legends Z-A, with Flygon being a top contender.
  • Game Freak has had a decade to deliver on Mega Flygon, with fans hoping that Pokemon Legends Z-A will finally fulfill this long-awaited wish.

Pokemon Legends Z-A may be one of the most highly anticipated games in the franchise ever, in a round-about way, as it seems that the next Legends title aims to finally give fans the long-lost Pokemon Z to bring the story of the Kalos region full circle. Pokemon Legends Z-A plans to take place entirely in the city of Lumiose City, so while the entire region isn’t up for exploring, the trailer seems to imply that the city will change in front of players in real-time thanks to the “Urban Redevelopment Plan.”

There might not be much known about the next Pokemon Legends game just yet, but Game Freak went out of its way to let fans who stayed until the very end know that Mega Evolutions are making their long-awaited return. As a result, many fans are talking about what pocket monsters will make the cut to be part of Legends Z-A, as players are wondering what Pokemon will get a new Mega Evolution and which won’t. There are roughly 304 new critters who could be given an upgrade through this gimmick, but out of the new ones, hardly any Pokemon deserves it more than Flygon.


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Pokemon Legends Z-A will have the perfect opportunity to improve on several deficiencies that were present in Legends Arceus.

Flygon is the One Pokemon That Desperately Needs a Mega Evolution in Pokemon Legends Z-A

How Long It’s Been Since Flygon Was Left To Itself in Generation 6

When Mega Evolution was still new, the sheer selective nature of the gimmick made it exciting for fans to guess what Pokemon would be given their own stone and evolutionary upgrade. However, things got interesting once Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire came around, as those respective games gave Salamence a Mega Evolution. As Salamence serves as its counterpart, this made many players think that as the other Hoenn dragon, Flygon would get a Mega Evolution.

Despite how it felt like Flygon was almost guaranteed to get a Mega Evolution, the new form for the Ground/Dragon-type never materialized. While many fan desires never make it into Pokemon games, players very much had a hole in their dream pocket monster teams as a result. Fan games and fan art would imagine the Mega Flygon that never was for years, even as the Mega Evolution mechanic was shelved for Pokemon Gen 7’s Z-Moves, then Gigamax and Terastallization.

Game Freak Has Now Had Roughly a Decade to Deliver on Mega Flygon

Truthfully, the real reason as to why Mega Flygon never came to be is because Game Freak couldn’t settle on a design that fit the demand for the evolution. This plays a role as to why Flygon is the only critter used by a key character that doesn’t Mega Evolve, as the unique form for the Pokemon was cut further into development. It’s rather interesting to know that Game Freak didn’t make one of the most desired Mega Evolutions because the team felt almost any design didn’t measure up to how much fans desired it. Because of this, though, there’s even more of a reason for Pokemon Legends Z-A to deliver on what ORAS didn’t.

It’s been over ten years since Mega Evolution was introduced and quite a lot has changed in terms of the Pokemon franchise, including designers, development plans, and more. What wasn’t possible back then could easily be either doable with the resources they have now, or planned ahead of time between the releases since Pokemon X and Y. Alongside how Pokemon Legends Z-A is finally giving players a “Pokemon Z” of some kind, the next release could be even more exciting by fulfilling yet another forgotten wish for the fans who had been willing to wait. Still, there’s roughly a year left until Pokemon Legends Z-A releases, and there’s room for plenty of surprises, Mega Flygon or not.

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Pokemon Legends Z-A

The sequel to Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Pokemon Legends: Z-A takes Pokemon trainers back to the Kalos region’s Lumiose City.