Pokemon GO Player Hits Level 34 In An Unusual Way


  • A Pokemon GO player has reached level 34 without catching any Pokemon or participating in battles or spinning PokeStops, solely by Sending Gifts.
  • Sending Gifts in Pokemon GO only gives players 200 XP, so the player had to send a significant number of Gifts to reach level 34.
  • The Gifts in Pokemon GO contain various items, including Poke Balls, Max Revive, 7 km eggs, and postcards, which can help complete certain collections in the game.

A committed Pokemon GO player has reached level 34 just by sending Gifts. Catching Pokemon is the basis of the Pokemon GO experience, but there are different ways for players to spend their time in Niantic’s game.

With caught Pokemon, players can enter PvE battles such as raids or clashes against Team GO Rocket. For trainers who like an extra dose of challenge, Pokemon GO‘s PvP is divided into different leagues. Trainers can also hatch eggs to obtain creatures and add them to their collections, join Contests, and send Gifts. Niantic added Gifts to Pokemon GO in 2018, allowing players to send their friends a package of items. Players can even use Pokemon GO stickers they got at events to decorate the Gift before sending it. The game has different sources of XP, but one trainer has chosen a very unusual way to level up their account.


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Reddit user PrestyRS highlighted a Pokemon GO player who hit level 34 just by sending Gifts. The screenshot shared shows the player’s profile with 0 battles done, with the OP adding that they’ve also never spun any PokeStops or have any Pokemon other than a Bulbasaur. In the comments, the Redditor says that this player has been on their friends list for six months. They also said that they have never received a Gift from the player, nor have they seen him send a Gift to other people. Instead, all they do to level up their account is send the Pokemon GO Gifts they get.

The unique way of leveling up in Pokemon GO surprised some trainers, who praised the player’s willpower. After all, the player needs to have enough friends to get presents and open them until they reach level 34, which requires patience. If the trainer doesn’t have one, they can get Gifts by spinning PokeStops, or if their Buddy Pokemon finds one. Pokemon GO Gifts contain an assortment of items, including Poke Balls, Max Revive, 7 km eggs, and the postcard from the PokeStop where the Gift was obtained. The latter is an extremely useful item, as collecting postcards is the only way to complete the Vivillon collection in Pokemon GO.

While the Pokemon GO player plans to reach level 40 just by sending gifts, other trainers don’t have to wait to earn XP in the augmented reality game. This month, Pokemon GO confirmed two more Gen 9 Pokemon that will soon be added in a new event. Next month also sees the anticipated debut of Origin Forme Dialga and Palkia with the Pokemon GO Tour 2024, along with the debut of new shinies.

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After a test run via an April Fools’ joke on Google Maps, Pokemon GO was released to the public in the summer of 2016. The AR mobile app saw unparalleled success and continues to be one of the largest mobile games in the world, pulling in billions for developer Niantic.

July 6, 2016

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