Pokemon GO Dazzling Dream 2024

Pokemon GO is bringing in the Dazzling Dream event in January 2024, which debuts Shiny Cutiefly and Shiny Ribombee. There are several things to participate in the event, including Collection Challenges, Timed Research, Field Research, Bonuses, and more. The Field Research quest offers multiple tasks and rewards.

The Pokemon GO Dazzling Dream event commences on Saturday, January 13, at 10 AM and ends on Tuesday, January 16, at 8 PM Local Time. Regarding the Dazzling Dream Field Research quest, the rewards include multiple Pokemon encounters and Mega Energy for two of the most potent Mega Evolutions. There is also a possibility of encountering Shiny Cutiefly by completing specific tasks. One must complete all the tasks to encounter certain monsters and have the possibility of getting a Shiny encounter. That said, this guide details Dazzling Dreams Field Research tasks and rewards.


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Pokemon GO Dazzling Dream – All Field Research Tasks And Rewards

Pokemon GO Dazzling Dream event

The Dazzling Dream Field Research tasks range from catching multiple Pokemon and evolving certain types of Pokemon to hatching Pokemon GO Eggs and more. There are 8 Field Research tasks, and completing each offers specific rewards. These rewards include featured Pokemon encounters and in-game items like Gardevoir and Altaria Mega Energy. In addition, players can also encounter Shiny variants of the featured monsters, including a chance of Shiny Cutiefly spawning.

Field Research Tasks


Catch 5 Pokemon

Power up Pokémon 10 times

  • Spritzee Encounter (Shiny Available)
  • Swirlix Encounter (Shiny Available)
  • Cutiefly Encounter (Shiny Available)

Evolve a Fairy‑type Pokemon

  • Gardevoir Mega Energy ×20
  • Altaria Mega Energy ×20

Evolve 3 Fairy‑type Pokemon

Carbink Encounter (Shiny Available)

Hatch an Egg

Alolan Vulpix Encounter (Shiny Available)

Hatch 2 Eggs

Mawile Encounter (Shiny Available)

Participants of the Dazzling Dream event get bonus Stardust for catching and hatching monsters, making it an excellent opportunity to farm Stardust. There are also different Collection Challenges offering a chance to get XP, Stardust, and an encounter with Carbink in Pokemon GO. Completing the Dazzling Dream Collection Challenges requires catching different Pokemon coming as a wild spawn and Research quest encounters.

In addition to the Field Research quest, players can participate in an event-exclusive TImed Research, Dazzling Dream: Fairy Tale. Those who complete the Timed Research can get rewards like 2 Premium Battle Passes, Pokemon GO XP, Stardust, 2 Star Pieces, and featured Pokemon. Lucky players might also encounter a Shiny Cutiefly by completing the Dazzling Dream: Fairy Tale Timed Research quest.

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