Pokemon GO – Best Regice Counters (March 2024)

With the start of a new season, Pokemon GO trainers are already rotating through the first handful of exciting events and activities underway in the mobile AR game. The March 2024 calendar of events has something to keep players busy just about every day of this month and frequent Raid rotations only add to that excitement.

A familiar bulky ice-type Pokemon will be returning to Pokemon GO Raids for another short rotation. Regice has made a few appearances in the Raid scene previously, but there are always new and exciting counters to consider when an old boss returns. Plenty has changed in the mobile AR game since Regice first made an appearance and players who have their original counter roster still saved should take a few minutes to check out the latest counter strategy.


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Regice is a pure Ice-type Pokemon, which means that it is technically weak to Fighting, Rock, Fire, and Steel attacks. Most of the popular counter strategies focus on the Fire-weakness, so trainers will want to do a search for fire types in their collection and find the strongest options available. Some of the best counters and corresponding move sets can be found below.

Updated March 17, 2024 by Md Armughanuddin: The article has been updated to include the best counters for Regice as per the current meta, including Shadow/Mega variants as well as regular Pokemon. Additionally, some more context has been provided with respect to Regice’s strengths to help players build the right team to take it on.

Best Regice Counters

A Pokemon GO banner showing Regice, Registeel, and Regirock in a cave

Regice is a seriously bulky boss with quite a lot of health, so it would be wise for players to head into this fight with at least five friends who are also packing a good lineup of appropriate counters. Endgame players may be able to defeat Regice with four or five players total if they have the right bonuses and perfect counters, but it’s much easier to bring a few extra trainers along and play it safe.


Fast Move

Charged Move

Mega Blaziken


Blast Burn

Mega Y Charizard

Fire Sping

Blast Burn

Shadow Metagross

Bullet Punch

Meteor Mash


Fire Fang

Fusion Flare


Double Kick

Sacred Sword

Mega Diancie

Rock Throw

Rock Slide

Shadow Rhyperior

Smack Down

Rock Wrecker

Mega Rayquaza

Dragon Tail

Dragon Ascent

Shadow Chandelure

Fire Spin



Low Kick

Sacred Sword

Trainers will want to keep in mind that they don’t need to have the exact counters and move sets listed above in order to successfully defeat and encounter the Legendary Pokemon. They can just focus on using the strongest Fire types available and, if possible, burn through some TMs, Stardust, and Candy in order to prepare a respectable roster. Most of the relevant counters for this fight are frequently useful for other Raids, so it likely won’t be a one-time investment.

However, it is crucial to note that players should ensure that they don’t fall prey to Regice’s strengths as it can deal some significant damage especially when coupled with the same type attack bonus. The good thing is that it is only resistance to Ice-type moves, so a lot of different types will be quite effective against it.

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