Pokemon GO – All Ditto Disguises (March 2024)

Pokemon GO players have the chance to catch a Ditto and Shiny Ditto in the wild during April 2024. Ditto is known as the Copy Pokemon, which can imitate other monsters’ appearances and moves. This powerful imitation ability makes it extremely hard for players to spot and catch the beast.

Pokemon GO players might find it hard to spot a wild Ditto, but the developers at Niantic have provided ways to get it. There are only a few monsters that Ditto can copy, but the potential disguises change occasionally. One must first figure out which monsters Ditto can disguise and look for them in the wild; there are chances for one of them to be Ditto or Shiny Ditto. That said, this guide explores all the Ditto disguises for April 2024.

Updated on April 3, 2024: This Pokemon GO guide has been updated to include all the new Ditto Disguises for April 2024.


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Pokemon GO: Every Ditto Disguise In April 2024

Ditto Disguises and Shiny Ditto Disguises in Pokemon GO

Developers at Niantic change the Ditto disguises now and then. Currently, there are multiple monsters Ditto can copy for April 2024. Although there is no guarantee, lucky Pokemon GO trainers may also encounter a Shiny Ditto. Players have to encounter numerous Ditto to catch up with its Shiny odds. Here are all the possible picks.

Ditto Disguises












One should be on the lookout for these spawns. If players get an “Oh?” prompt after catching it, the monster is a Ditto in disguise.


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Pokemon GO: How To Increase The Odds Of Catching Ditto

Ditto, Pokemon GO

While catching a Ditto is already a 1 in 50 chance, players can increase their odds by encountering as many pocket monsters as possible. The best way to do this is to use Pokemon GO Lure Modules or an Incense in a PokeStop or Gym. These items increase the number of Pokemon that appear on the world map, meaning more encounters and chances to find a Ditto.

One can also use the in-game item Incense and the Weather Boost function. Since its spawn rate gets boosted in partly cloudy weather, attach a Lure Module to a Pokemon GO PokeStop or Gym with such weather condition, activate an Incense, and walk around that area.

It’s also worth utilizing the Daily Adventure Incense, an item granted once daily that is active for 15 minutes and attracts Pokemon that aren’t normally found in the wild. As long as the Pokemon GO player keeps moving, Pokemon will continue to spawn for 15 minutes, occasionally leading to some rare catches.

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