Pokemon Fan Makes Cute Swablu Marshmallows


  • A talented Pokemon fan creates adorable Swablu marshmallow treats. Fans love the cute and squishy designs posted on Instagram.
  • Swablu is a beloved Pokemon known for its cuteness. It is the pre-evolution of Altaria and has captured the hearts of many fans.
  • Nintendo’s recent epilogue for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet surprised fans. It introduced a new food-themed Pokemon, Pecharunt, sparking anticipation for more fan-made treats.

A talented Pokemon fan has created a delicious-looking marshmallow version of the Cotton Cloud pal, Swablu. Fans have been known to bake Pokemon-inspired treats that resemble their favorite critters, such as Poliwag, Slowpoke, and even Appletun, and post the results to social media for other fans to appreciate.

Swablu was introduced in the third generation of video games, which included fan-favorite titles such as Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald as a new Normal and Flying-type Pokemon. It is the pre-evolution of Altaria, the Dragon and Flying-type that was the ace of Winona, the gym leader of Fortree City located in the Hoenn Region. Swablu is one of the cutest Pokemon in the series and, as such, has captured the hearts of many fans of the series.


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A talented Pokemon fan going by the handle miscellaneousmao has made several adorable Swablu-inspired marshmallows and posted the results on Instagram. Most of the treats feature the regular version of Swablu with the Pokemon’s round, blue-toned body as well as the two feathers on top of its head and its signature white, fluff cloud-like wings. While most of these treats feature the Cotton Cloud critter’s normal look, the confectioner also created a shiny variant of the Pokemon, complete with the golden body that makes it stand out from the regular versions. The marshmallows also showcased the Pokemon with several expressions, including one that had the critter look like it was sleeping.

Miscellaneousmao also displayed just how squishy the marshmallows were before dropping the Pokemon-inspired treats into a mug of hot chocolate. The confectioner also allowed fans a sneak peek into their process of making the Swablu marshmallows by showcasing how they dusted the treats after putting them together. The post was well received, with fans unanimously agreeing that the Swablu marshmallows were adorable. Some fans were nostalgic and commented on the first time they encountered the critter and its evolution, with one saying that Swablu was the first shiny they found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Nintendo recently released an epilogue for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, a move that shocked fans as most thought that the Indigo Disk DLC would be the last addition to the games. While the epilogue was short, it gave players one final adventure with characters like Nemona, Arven, and Penny as well as introduced the mochi-looking Pokemon, Pecharunt. This new food-themed critter joins the ranks of others like Vanillite, Slurpuff, and Alcremie, and now it is only a matter of time before fans create more treats inspired by their favorite pocket monster from Pokemon.



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