Pokemon Fan Draws All 151 Original Monsters as One Giant Creature


  • Pokemon fan art showcases creativity and love for the franchise, with one artist drawing a giant fusion of original characters.
  • Kantomon Superchimera merges 151 Gen 1 Pokemon into one monstrous creature, drawing inspiration from original fan artwork.
  • Despite no official fusion feature, fans create fusion art and games, like Pokemon Infinite Fusion, to explore unique creatures.

A Pokemon fan drew all 151 Generation 1 monsters into one giant creature. This was originally done by another Pokemon fan, which was received well by the PokeCommunity.

Pokemon fan art is a popular way to show love and appreciation for the franchise. With over 1,000 original characters now on the roster, creative fans are able to put their own spin on them, from drawing Shiny versions of Pokemon to fusing them to create a brand-new Pokemon.


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Reddit user Mugiwara325 shared a drawing that merges 151 original Pokemon into the “Kantomon Superchimera.” It’s a recreation of Reddit user TB_Mumpitz’s work, where they fused different body parts of Gen 1 Pokemon to create the monstrous character. Just like the original artwork, Mugiwara325’s drawing showcased different elements of each Gen 1 Pokemon, like Charizard’s wings sticking out from the sides, Gengar’s smiling face on Arbok’s head, and Raticate’s large teeth on Gyarados’ head.

Is There A Gen 2 Pokemon Superchimera?

Many Pokemon fans loved Mugiwara325’s work, noting that they keep seeing something new the more they look at the superchimera. Some also requested “Johtomon” or a fusion of all Gen 2 Pokemon into a similar monstrous creature. The original artist previously said they wouldn’t do a Gen 2 version, but they would support other Pokemon fans who plan on taking on the challenge. The Gen 1 superchimera was made with the help of many fans, who suggested the body parts and placement that would be added to the creature. If someone starts a Gen 2 superchimera, it will be interesting to see how the Pokemon fanbase will come together to complete it.


Although fusion isn’t an official feature in the Pokemon franchise, many fans have taken it upon themselves to fuse Pokemon into interesting creatures. There’s even a fanmade game called Pokemon Infinite Fusion, where players can do several fusion combinations of Pokemon that can range from adorable to terrifying. Many players have also requested developer Game Freak to add fusion in its future Pokemon games.

Currently, many Pokemon fans are immersing themselves in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, where they’re participating in events and challenges using their Gen 9 Pokemon team. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet recently launched a Mass Outbreak event, which will run until Pokemon Day on February 27. The franchise might also release more exciting Pokemon Day events in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, along with other games like Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon GO.



Pokemon is a franchise that needs no introduction. One of the most successful media empires in history, Pokemon spans games, television, films, manga, merchandise, music, and more.

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