Pokemon Fan Designs Steel-Type Variants for Staryu and Starmie


  • Staryu and Starmie got a Steel-type makeover by a Pokemon fan, known as Starvu and Starery and featuring space-themed designs.
  • Starvu and Starery are fairy/steel-type, adding a futuristic twist to the iconic Water/Psychic duo from Gen 1.
  • For the names, the artist combined Staryu and deja vu for Starvu, while Starery is a reference to an orrery, a mechanical model of the solar system.

A Pokemon artist has created Steel-type variants for Staryu and Starmie. As the generations passed, Pokemon introduced unusual designs such as Bellibolt, Eiscue, and Stakataka. When fans go back to the first generation, the original 151 Pokemon are known for their simpler designs that gave life to many iconic monsters.

One duo remembered for their design is Staryu and Starmie, two of the Pokemon that Misty gets in the anime. Staryu is a Water-type with a red gem in its center that flashes when the Pokemon is unwell. Its evolution, Starmie, is a Water/Psychic-type that appears when Staryu is exposed to a Water Stone, changing its color and design. Another notable detail is Starmie’s ability to emit electrical waves strong enough to reach the furthest parts of the universe, leading many to believe that Starmie is an extraterrestrial. To pay homage to this iconic duo, a Pokemon fan has created new forms for the two Gen 1 monsters.


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Reddit user Poetically_Imperfect created convergent forms for Staryu and Starmie called Starvu and Starery. Starvu is a blue Pokemon with a gray faceplate, yellow gem, and spheres in the center referring to the planets orbiting the solar system. Meanwhile, Starery is a Pokemon of the same color with a central plate, but its gem is a bright red, accompanied by the same “planets.” Unlike their counterparts, both Starvu and Starery are Steel/Fairy-type, one of the best combinations for Steel-type Pokemon. The artist also shared the shiny variants of the two convergent Pokemon, giving Starvu a bright purple tone, while Starey gained an eye-catching green color.

Pokemon Artist Makes Convergent Forms For Staryu and Starmie

As well as giving Staryu and Starmie new appearances, the OP shared some information about the inspiration behind the makeover given to the Pokemon. The artist comments that they wanted to explore a more futuristic and space-themed idea. For the Pokemon names, the artist used the combination Staryu and deja vu with Starvu, while Starery’s name is a reference to an orrery, a mechanical model of the solar system. They published a video on YouTube showing the step-by-step creation of Starvu and Starery, along with stats, abilities, and the Pokedex entry for the two.

Convergent forms were featured in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, showing Pokemon that although very similar, are distinct critters. But while Gen 9 has introduced new gimmicks for players, it will return to something familiar with the announcement of Pokemon Legends Z-A. The game will return to Kalos to close out Pokemon X and Y‘s lore and bring back Mega Evolutions, one of players’ favorite gimmicks.



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