Pokemon Fan Designs Human Forms for Typhlosion and 11 Other Pokemon


  • Pokemon fans showcase creativity through fan art like human versions of Typhlosion, showcasing love for franchise lore.
  • Older Pokemon games, like Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokemon Platinum, still evoke great affection from fans in the community.
  • Reddit user FluorescenceFuture impressively combines design and lore to create unique human versions of Pokémon fit for a spin-off anime.

A talented Pokemon fan has created human versions of Typhlosion and 11 other critters with lore to contextualize their origins. The Pokemon community has a well-known creativity in producing fan art that shows their love for the franchise. There is no shortage of inventive ideas used by fans, with some standing out the most, such as the human versions created for Pokemon of all generations.

Although Pokemon is in its ninth generation, fans have great affection for the older games. One of these is Pokemon Heart Gold, the remake of Pokemon Gold, one of the Gen 2 Pokemon games. The game revisits the region of Johto, and while it keeps most of the plot of Pokemon Gold, the remake brings changes like the addition of story elements from Pokemon Crystal. Meanwhile, Pokemon Platinum is one of the Gen 4 releases that takes the player through Sinnoh, meeting iconic characters from the region such as Dawn, Cyrus, and Cynthia, the Sinnoh Champion. Inspired by the two titles, a Pokemon fan created fan art and shared the result with the community.


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Reddit user FluorescenceFuture turned Typhlosion and 11 other Pokemon into humans, creating lore for each character. The first half of the fan art shows Ariados as the puppeteer Zavier, Noctowl as the librarian Quinn, and Ampharos as the street dancer Reyla. Typhlosion, one of the best Gen 2 Pokemon, has been transformed into the artifact restorer Kei, and his son Aidan. Bayleef is Rina, the half-sister of Azulin, Aidan’s brother figure, who disappeared on a voyage. Poliwrath became Terrence, Aidan’s best friend who likes making bento.

Creative Pokemon Fan Turns Typhlosion and 11 Other Pokemon into Humans

The second part of the fan art shows humanizations of Infernape, which the OP transformed into the researcher and conspiracy theorist Elijah. Staraptor is Ryker, a university student who believes that Elijah’s research will one day make him famous. Luxray is college freshman Desmond, who joins Elijah’s field trips in exchange for extra credits. Graveler, one of the Gen 1 Pokemon available in Gen 9, has also gained two human forms, the first being the disco-dancing desperado Morris. The other is Brent, Elijah’s co-worker who supervises his field trips to avoid trouble. Tyria, Gardevoir’s human form, is a problem student who joins the trips to skip class and still earn credits, and Vaporeon is Percy, an archaeology student who believes in Elijah’s theory.

FluorescenceFuture’s fan art is notable for creating human versions that impressively incorporate the design of Pokemon. Combined with a lore that uses narrative elements from Pokemon Heart Gold and Pokemon Platinum, they make characters that could even star in a Pokemon spin-off anime.



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