Pokemon Fan Creates Adorable Baby Form for Pinsir


  • Recently, a fan created an adorable baby Pinsir concept called Pinchibi. Pinsir, a Gen 1 Pokemon, has never had a baby form outside of fan art.
  • The fan art showcases Pinchibi in different poses and emotions, highlighting its smaller stature compared to Pinsir and its sandy brown color.
  • It is currently unclear if the artist will create a shiny variant of Pinchibi, but the fan art is a unique take on the Gen 1 Pokemon.

A Pokemon fan has created an adorable baby form of the Gen 1 Pokemon, Pinsir. Pinsir has appeared in the Pokemon anime, many of the games, and manga, but it hasn’t received a baby Pokemon outside of fan art like this.

Pokemon Gen 1 included many of the types applied to the titular creatures to this day. Gen 1 included Normal, Fire, Electric, Water, Bug-types, and more. Among the Bug-type Pokemon was Pinsir, which could be caught in the Safari Zone of Fuchsia City. In Pokemon Sun and Moon and Pokemon GO, Pinsir has a Mega evolution which shows what it could look like after gaining power from the Pinsirite. Though Gen 2 introduced baby Pokemon like Elekid, Pichu, and Togepi, Pinsir still doesn’t have a pre-evolution. One Pokemon fan decided to rectify this by making one of their own.


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Reddit user MengShuZ recently shared eight images of their baby Pinsir Pokemon fan art. The Reddit user calls their baby Pokemon concept Pinchibi and the images show it in several different poses. The first shows the Pokemon spreading its arms wide, the second appears to be a battle stance, and another seemingly depicts it running. One angle of Pinchibi spotlights the Pokemon filled with emotion as its eyes well up, and an image highlights that the baby sleeps with its mouth open. Beyond the battle stance, the last image has the Pinsir baby in the middle of an attack, and the Pokemon fan also features the Pinchibi holding a piece of fruit in a separate one.

Although the images highlight the Pokemon from different angles, it doesn’t currently have a shiny variant. Like the Bug-type Pokemon it’s based on, this baby iteration doesn’t close its mouth in any of its depictions. It has smaller versions of the pincers that Pinsir is named after, but it only has one claw on either hand compared to the three claws of its evolution. Thin lines divide the segments of its body just like Pinsir, but the smaller stature results in less need for detail. Pinchibi is a sandy brown color and its stubby legs suggest that the baby Pokemon would move rather slowly.

It is worth pointing out that a different fan has also created their own version of a baby Pinsir Pokemon alongside Aerodactyl, Hawlucha, and Onix. Despite some similarities, MengShuZ Pinchibi stands out for its differences from the Gen 1 Pokemon it’s based on. Because there’s no shiny version of Pinchibi, it’s currently unclear if the artist will provide an update or if it isn’t intended to have a shiny. Shiny Pokemon were introduced in Gen 2 which could suggest that this is intended to be Gen 1 fan art.



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