Point of No Return, Explained

Players who are concerned about passing the point of no return in Dragon’s Dogma 2 can find all the information that they need in this guide.

As players approach the conclusion of Dragon’s Dogma 2, they will cross a point from which they cannot return, making it impossible to continue exploring the game’s map and addressing any outstanding quests. While the in-game dialogue does hint at the existence of such a point, its exact temporal position is never made explicitly clear, and it is easy to accidentally move past it. Players are thus advised to have a basic understanding of Dragon’s Dogma 2‘s point of no return, and that is exactly what this guide looks to provide.

This guide attempts to detail the game’s point of no return with as few spoilers as possible.

Dragon’s Dogma 2
should know that it is necessary that the names of a late-game quest and location be revealed, though, and that information may give some clues about what occurs at the end of the story.



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Dragon’s Dogma 2: Point of No Return

To put things simply, the point of no return occurs during The Guardian of Gigantus, a main quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that sends the Arisen to Moonglint Tower. More specifically, players cannot simply walk away from that tower once they have entered it, and they should make absolutely certain that they are ready to see the game’s ending before traveling to that important location.

dragons dogma 2 point of no return

That said, things are slightly complicated by how the game handles its multiple endings. While this guide will not go into that topic in great detail, in an attempt to limit spoilers, players should know that they will have the opportunity to play through the final moments of the game multiple times, allowing them to reach all the endings in a single playthrough. However, that opportunity disappears once a player takes the action that puts them on the path toward Dragon’s Dogma 2‘s true ending, and they should make sure to see both the good and bad endings before that occurs.

Indeed, once a player is on track to earning the game’s true ending, the only real option is to see that pursuit through to its completion. And when that is done, the only thing that players can do is start a New Game+ playthrough. It could thus be said that the action that has been alluded to previously is the true point of no return, though fans will have already lost access to a vast majority of Dragon’s Dogma 2‘s map by the time that they take it.

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