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Blast all the way to victory with these Pixel Overlord codes. Whether you want free Summon Tickets, replenished crystals, or you need to save up some gold, the codes below will do just that.

Pixel Overlord is a 2D pixel gacha game (as you can guess from the title), and features strategic battles, challenging mini-games, and an entertaining story. Every character has their own 2D anime-style portrait to bring a bit more life to the pixelated sprites. The Demon King has become tired of being the villain, so he’s decided to be a hero instead!

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Pixel Overlord Codes

In any gacha game, it’s always a good time when you get free summons! So, use the codes below to get a plethora of rewards that range from summon tickets, in-game cash, crystals, and even EXP.

Active Codes

The codes that currently work in Pixel Overlord. A little disclaimer to say that all codes eventually expire, so ideally you should redeem them as soon as you get the chance to do so.

  • Discord2024
  • lordns567
    • 1 Premium Summon Ticket
    • 200 Breakthrough Crystals
  • Lord456
    • 1 Summon Ticket
    • 100 Crystals
    • 300 Diamonds
  • Lord999
    • 100 Breakthrough Crystals
    • 100K Champion XP
    • 2 Premium Summon Tickets
  • Lord777
    • 50K Champion XP
    • 50K Gold
    • 1 Premium Summon Ticket
  • Lord888
    • 50 Breakthrough Crystals
    • 100K Gold
    • Violet Staff

How to Redeem Pixel Overlord Codes

Mobile games tend to have differing ways to redeem free codes. Thankfully, Pixel Overlord gets rid of any complexities, and keeps it straightforward!

  • Load up Pixel Overlord on your device
    • To unlock the code redemption feature, you need to complete the game’s tutorial/prologue and reach level 10
  • Once you unlock the function, you can tap on your profile icon to open up a new menu
  • Tap the ‘Redeem’ option to bring up the text box
  • Copy a code from the list above
  • Paste the code into the empty text box
  • Tap the ‘Redeem’ button to claim your free rewards