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Heard rumors of a super-secret boss? Is he a fun guy? Well, with our Pilgrammed Old Fart guide, you can find out! We’ve got together everything you need to know about the enigmatic secret Pilgrammed boss.

Pilgrammed is a Roblox game that gives you the chance to explore a wide-open and very hostile medieval world. There’s a complex combat system, tons of different weapons, lots of enemies and quests, and some weird NPCs.

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Pilgrammed Old Fart Guide

Here we’ll try and answer anything you need to know about the Old Fart boss, or Pilgrammed.

Who Is Old Fart?

Old Fart is a secret boss that you can unlock by interacting with three mushroom emblems across the Pilgrammed map. You will know an emblem is close by if you see a mushroom on the ground. Mine the wall next to the mushroom with a Gemstone Pickaxe, and the wall will fall away to reveal an emblem. They can be found in the following locations:

  • A small island found sailing straight out from the Savannah jetty into the Western Sea.
  • A ledge just below the Eastern Sea lighthouse.
  • On the floating island behind the large white temple in the Cloud Wilds.

How Do I Find Old Fart?

Old Fart’s arena can be found at the bottom of Morning Hollow. You can find the entrance to the hollow on the Prairie, on a stone platform to the left of the large stone arch. There is a rope set into the right side of the rock that makes it easy to climb.

Morning Hollow is entered by dropping down a hole on the platform. Once inside, follow the right-hand wall until you enter a large room and find a wooden board leaning against the wall. Squeeze behind the door to enter the Condemned Passage.

Follow the Condemned Passage, and navigate your way over an obstacle course, jumping along some mushrooms growing out of the walls over a deep drop. Make your way to the end of the jumping segment, and drop through the hole in the floor at the end.

Ahead of you should be the door to the boss arena, though it will only open when you have activated all mushroom emblems. Walk through the door to the back of the room, and interact with the red-capped mushroom to begin the battle.

How Do I Beat Old Fart?

OId Fart is a challenging boss with two phases. His first phase is mostly melee attacks, and nearly all of these you can parry with correct timing.

Once his health has depleted to a little way above half, Old Fart will enter the second phase. You will need to avoid the damaging magical attacks he throws out, whilst continuing to attack with melee. The boss will also throw black sludge and text onto your screen.

Avoid the damage zones from the magic attack, and try to parry his melee as you did in the first stage. He has a 2000HP health pool, so you’ll want to have a fairly high-tier weapon before starting the fight.

What Rewards Do I Get For Beating Old Fart?

Beating Old Fart will teleport you to a secret area, The Desert Of Tremulous Dreams. You also get a chance of receiving the following rewards:

  • Chaos Essence – 100%
  • Sporeshot – 50.34%
  • Secret Spore – 100%
  • Mushroom Cap – 34.5%
  • Shroomerang – 49.66%

What Is Pilgrammed?

Pilgrammed is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. It’s an open-world action RPG with a full combat system. There are quests, enemies, and lots of different bosses to face up against. Mine ore, sail your boat across the seas, or team up with other players to help you face the dangerous world.