Phasmophobia 2024 roadmap shares update on PS5 and Xbox console release

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Phasmophobia is a brilliant multiplayer horror game currently exclusive to Steam. It basically allows you and a group of friends to explore paranormal landscapes similar to ‘reality’ television series such as Ghost Hunters and Most Haunted. It was meant to arrive on console in 2023, but it was delayed due to unfortunate circumstances. Developer Kinetic Games has shared the Phasmophobia roadmap for 2024 and it provides an update on the PS5 and Xbox console release as well as the next new location.

This should be a great year for horror fans. The upcoming game releases for 2024 include the long-awaited Silent Hill 2 Remake, and this month alone there is the release of DBD Chapter 30.5. This will introduce another new survivor to the Dead By Daylight landscape for killers to sink hooks into.

While 2024 should be a good year for the horror genre overall, it should also be another great year for Phasmophobia. Lots of updates are planned to come out and it will finally arrive on consoles.

Phasmophobia 2024 roadmap

Below is the Phasmophobia 2024 roadmap shared by developer Kinetic Games on Steam:

Version 0.9: 

  • Lighting Overhaul
  • Eye Adaptation
  • Screen Space GI
  • Progression rate improvements
  • Item tier adjustments
  • Shop V3

Version 0.10: 

  • New Tasks
  • New Optionals
  • Reward Changes
  • Photo Overhaul
  • Video Evidence
  • New Equipment: Sounded Recorder

Version 0.11: 

  • New player models
  • New animations
  • CCTV overhaul
  • Player customization

1.0 Full Release: 

  • New ghost models
  • Hunter overhaul
  • Hallucinations
  • Events overhaul
  • Much more…

Unfortunately, there are no launch dates or release windows for any of the above updates. They are all just scheduled to come out sometime this year. In addition to all of the above, there will also be a new location added to the game called Point Hope.

Point Hope is a lighthouse. It will introduce a new gameplay experience by putting players in a tight, circular abode full of looping spots and hiding places near and far from staircases. There will be a living room as well as a creepy maintenance room to explore for paranormal entities.

The Phasmophobia 2024 roadmap also provides an update on the planned PS5 and Xbox console release. There is still no word on when exactly it will join Sony and Microsoft’s platforms, but Kinetic Games says it will launch as soon as it’s ready.

While the delay was disappointing, Kinetic Games says that console players will get extra changes from day one such as the improved shop and adjustments to leveling and equipment tiers. Not only that, but the game will also look and run better.

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