Persona Leaker Gives Update on Rumored Spin-Off Game


  • According to leaks, Persona Grand Stage is a completed game, but it is uncertain if it will be released.
  • Atlus is focusing on Persona 5X, a mobile spin-off, to expand the Persona series.

A notable Persona leaker recently gave fans an update regarding a rumored spin-off game. This information comes from MbKKssTBhz5, or Midori, who has shared plenty of leaks regarding Atlus’ projects. This includes a supposed release window for Persona 6, along with accurate leaks of Persona 5 Tactica and Persona 3 Reload before their official announcements. One game that Midori also leaked was a spin-off codenamed “Asa.”

According to Midori, Persona Asa is going to be a big crossover spin-off that would act as a celebration of the franchise’s history. It would have featured every main character that had been introduced in the series, spanning from Persona 1 to 5. Midori also noted the game’s genre was “hard to describe,” as the best way she could convey the idea was that it was something similar to a Mario Party game. Midori has brought brand-new information to light that supposedly confirms its official title and genre.


Persona Developer Teases Unannounced Game

Persona developer Atlus teases an unannounced game that’s apparently been in the works for a while now, but is still awaiting an official reveal.

The game will supposedly be titled Persona Grand Stage and is being developed for PC and mobile platforms. Midori claims that Grand Stage won’t be a Mario Party-styled game as she first described, but will supposedly be a game similar to Teamfight Tactics, a League of Legends mobile spin-off title. Based on this information, Persona Grand Stage will potentially be an autobattler game, where players compete against each other online by constructing teams.

The premise of Persona Grand Stage being an autobattler does line up with Midori’s past comments of it being a crossover with all games in the Persona franchise, as the genre would allow players to build their own teams of Persona users. Midori also reveals that the game’s development has also been completed thanks to external support, but is uncertain if it will be released.

According to Midori, the main reason why Grand Stage is taking a backseat is due to the upcoming Persona 5: The Phantom X mobile spin-off, which is poised to be a part of Atlus’ efforts to expand the series.

This is just speculation and rumors, however. Despite the accuracy of Midori’s past leaks, fans should still keep their expectations in check and take this information with a grain of salt until more official information from Atlus is given.


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