September 29, 2023

Roblox Peroxide has released its latest update log and patch notes, outlining a series of new features, gameplay changes, and adjustments to existing elements. Among the most noteworthy introductions is the new game mode known as S Rank Invasions, which players can initiate by going to their invasion general. To participate, a player needs to be at least rank S-. At the conclusion of the invasion, players receive grades based on their performance. A higher score translates into more experience points (EXP) and better drop rates for rewards. If you need freebies, head over to our Peroxide Codes page!

S Rank Invasions offer a distinct reward pool, featuring unique legendary accessories. Players won’t collect the conventional Iime Remnant in these invasions; instead, they can obtain an Unstable Time Remnant. This new type of time remnant comes with its own set of exclusive rewards, such as one of the new five-time remnant accessories, skill knowledge for one of the four new skills, or an extremely potent reiatsu crystal known as the Ultimate Crystal, which amplifies the user’s ultimate ability at the expense of certain drawbacks.

Alongside the S Rank Invasions, the update also introduces a new schrift named Vermin. This ability allows players to command pests and diseases, and ultimately unleash their vollstandig to transform into a formidable entity.

On the accessories and outfit front, the game adds new items under Asr’s Changes. Players can look forward to one new common accessory and one new outfit. Additionally, the update introduces three new legendary accessories and six new godly accessories, the latter being exclusive to the S Rank Invasions. A fresh bankai outfit also joins the existing lineup.

Two new types of spear shikai styles have been added by developers Tar and Temp, while other adjustments have been made to enhance game security. Specifically, Spud and Mudock have fortified the game’s defenses against duping. In terms of bug fixes, developers Spud, Mudock, and Fusion have addressed the datamodel kick bug under most scenarios.

The update also brings a layer of certainty to reward acquisition. Known as ‘pity,’ this feature guarantees players a godly accessory after winning 45 time gates without receiving one, and likewise after winning 70 S Rank Invasions.

In terms of gameplay balance, several tweaks have been made. The damage output of both Hell Spirit and Twins of the Forest skills now scales solely off spirit and their damage has been buffed to offset the removal of duoscale. The update nerfs dual sword damage scaling, buffs greatsword damage scaling, and adjusts various other aspects like the cooldown of Bass Drop and the rules for Floodgates and Vital Surge abilities.

Here’s the entire list of changes made that were shared in the official Discord for Peroxide:


  • (Spud) New gamemode: S Rank Invasions, can be started by heading to your invasion general and requires at least rank S-.
  • At the end of a S Rank Invasion your graded based off of how well you did, the higher the score the more exp you get, and the better drop rates you get.
  • S Rank Invasions have unique legendary accessories they can drop, and instead of dropping a Iime Remnant you get a Unstable Time Remnant.
  • New time remnant: Unstable Time Remnant, which has a unique set of rewards.
  • Godly Accessory :: Get one of the new 5 time remnant accessories.
  • Legendary Skill :: A skill knowledge for one of the 4 new skills, 3 are universal and 1 is a kido (shinigami only).
  • Ultimate Crystal :: An extremely powerful reiatsu crystal that applies to your ultimate, but has costly drawbacks.
  • (Fusion) New schrift: Vermin, command pests and disease before unleashing your vollstandig, to become a monster.

Asr’s Changes:

  • Added 1 new common accessory.
  • Added 1 new outfit.
  • Added 3 new legendary accessories.
  • Added 6 new godly accessories (all are S-Rank Invasion exclusive).
  • Added a new bankai outfit.
  • (Tar and Temp) Added two new spear type shikai style.
  • (Spud and Mudock) Added more protection against duping.
  • (Spud/Mudock/Fusion) Fixed datamodel kick bug for most screnarios.
  • (Spud) Added pity to time gates and s rank invasions, after winning 45 time gates without a godly you’ll get one. And after winning 70 s rank invasions without a godly you’ll get one.

Balance Changes:

  • Hell Spirit and Twins of the Forest now only scale off spirit (its joever).
  • Buffed both Hell Spirit and Twins of the Forest damage to make up for duoscale removal.
  • Nerfed dual sword damage scaling.
  • Buffed greatsword damage scaling.
  • Increased Bass Drop CD.
  • When the caster of Floodgates gets knocked the move now cancels.
  • Floodgates is now cancellable during its startup.
  • Vital Surge now follows the rules of the reap gem.
  • Optic Flare can no longer be movestacked, and it no longer prevents evasives from being used.
  • Added endlag to Machine Gun Rush

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