Paper Trail – Demo

Paper Trail, the delicate title by Newfangled Games, a puzzle between folds of paper. Paige takes us to discover a world to explore

Paper Trail - Demo

Today we are going to discover the intricate but also delicate world of Paper Trail, by Newfangled Games. A peculiar puzzle game due to its top view and the original choice for solving the riddles. In fact, you can see Paper Trail as a huge children’s book, where the various elements of the landscape unfolds as you tuck the pages of the book. Fold and fold, the Demo version, challenges us to solve dozens of puzzles.

Fold after fold

We play as Paige, a young researcher, who finds herself leaving home for the first time with quite a few setbacks. On her path, we will learn how to bend, in the true sense of the term, the reality around her. Her journey will be a continuous and creative folding of pages so that their front and back fit together.

Paper Trail - Fold after Fold

The right turn will take us further and further and make us discover new places and characters. Help them get home or finally get out of an archaeological dig that looks like a labyrinth! Solve the puzzles cleverly and match the right parts of the pages to discover more and advance on your personal journey.

Ever more cunning!

In Paige’s enchanting world, cunning is never enough! We will solve increasingly complex puzzles as we move from page to page. Seeing, thus, an exponential growth, in the puzzles that will go from a quick resolution to those that require more and more folding of paper.

But not only that – in some pages, the path to the next one will be impeded by the presence of padlocks or other objects blocking the way.

Paper Trail - Ever more cunning!

Each page, therefore, hides its pitfalls but also presents elements that if properly exploited can lead to a quick resolution of the puzzles, the secret is to get into the “mood“.

But be careful not to get stuck between the folds of the pages, you will be forced to go back in your resolutions, but all in all Paige will thank you!

Environments and the artistic style

From dark, deep, pristine caves to towering, rain-lashed treetops, we explore a variety of hand-crafted environments. Accompanying Paige on her journey, we enjoy the view and wonders that surround us.

Environments and artistic style

In Paper Trail we will immerse ourselves in art strongly inspired by two-dimensional styles such as silkscreen and watercolor. These elements are skilfully combined, giving life to a unique style. It’s so unique that is capable of enhancing the charm of the paper and almost making its porosity visible.

The musical sector also forms a bond with the visual elements. In fact, it helps the player immerse himself in Paper Trail even more. An almost ethereal melody will accompany us throughout the Demo. Making relaxing the playthrough and making us completely forget about the passing of time.

Paper Trail, therefore, proves to be an entirely original novelty for lovers of solving puzzles. But we also recommend it for those who are simply looking for a game to escape and relax.

The game also features over 25 awards won and nominations; including: Best Family Game, Best Indie, Most Innovative and many more.

We recommend you try it in its Demo version, available on Steam, while waiting for the full version. Paper Trail release date is set for May 21, 2024!

Good Game everybody!

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