Palworld players answer dev’s call for favorite pal with clear winner

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Arguably the best aspect of Palworld is the most controversial and that’s the design of its pals. Dismissed as Pokémon knock-offs by those who dare not look at Dragon Quest, the pals in Pocketpair’s survival epic are mostly adorable monsters that would make perfect plushies. Developer Pocketpair has asked the community who their favorite pal is, and there is a clear winner amongst the Palworld fandom.

The Palworld paldeck features over 100 pals. As per the game’s roadmap, even more will be added in the future along with more bosses, more islands, and just overall more content. While Pocketpair has only released patches and bug fixes since the early access launch in January, the developer is simultaneously working on new content to deliver.

We cannot wait for more pals to arrive, but, right now, there is already a massive and healthy selection of creatures to capture and add to your base. The community has many favorites, but there seems to be a clear and obvious winner in regard to who is the most popular.

Over on the Palworld_EN Twitter account, Palworld developer Pocketpair has asked the community to ‘help us settle a debate’ about who the most favorite Pal is and why. This resulted in over 1,200 replies with lots of different names from the community.

One of the most recurring names in the replies is Lovander. This is for ‘no specific reason‘ but obviously alluding to the joke of them being the pal of love that is always hounding other pals for a night of lovemaking. Even the game’s fandom page says it has a ‘provocative appearance’ with a busty love heart chest and overall design bound to drive furries crazy.

Away from Lovander, other replies in the Twitter thread include Lamball, Katress, and ‘Relaxaurus coz it looks so derp‘. There’s also an affinity for Grizzbolt who many in the community consider the gigachad of breeding.

But, away from the stimulating Lovander and all of the other pals mentioned above, the clear winner seems to be Depresso. This is the one that seems to be the most name-dropped in the Twitter replies with the most likes, and even Pocketpair’s manager, Bucky_cm, agrees.

The appeal of Depresso is obvious as he’s just a mood. Not because he’s depressed, but rather because he’s a dark pal with a beautiful gloomy-looking face that we can all relate to on a daily basis. It is the most relatable pal in the game from the pure aesthetic of its grouchiness like Squidward in SpongeBob, but there is also the sweet element of it looking constantly annoyed but actually being a huge softy inside.

While Depresso appears to be the most popular pal, it is not the most favorable in regard to the best breeding combos or the best pals in the game for overall usefulness. We also have a guide to the best and fastest pals for flying, swimming, and ground traversal, along with a guide to the best pals for mining.