Palworld Player Pays Tribute to Popular 90s Sitcom


  • Palworld players showcase creativity by building unique bases, such as one player who paid homage to Friends with a water fountain and sofa.
  • Players can customize their bases with structures like the water fountain and sofa, which have specific benefits for their Palworld environment.
  • Palworld offers a variety of decorative and functional structures for players to strategically plan and maximize their base productivity.

A creative Palworld player has paid homage to the sitcom Friends by placing a sofa and a water fountain in their base. Palworld has become one of the most popular game releases of the year by bringing players a survival game where the core experience is catching the monsters known as Pals. But Palworld goes beyond completing the Paldeck, entertaining players in other ways.

Palworld is a survival game, so an essential step in the gameplay is building a base for the player to store resources and survive the environment. But Palworld players have shown great inventiveness when building their homes. Some players have gone the extra mile and built incredible bases in Palworld. Other players chose the ocean as the place for their Palworld base, while one braver player decided to set up their home inside a volcano.


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Reddit user Trinaxobby added a water fountain and a sofa to their base in homage to the sitcom Friends. With the caption “So no one told you life was gonna be this way,” a reference to the TV show’s musical theme, the player shared this homage that recalls the production’s opening sequence. Friends is a beloved sitcom that aired in the 90s, and its opening became famous for showing the titular characters dancing around a water fountain. They then sit on the couch, which is one of Friends‘ most iconic elements.

Palworld players can obtain the water fountain and leather sofa shown in the OP’s post by following two steps. The water fountain is a base structure unlocked from level 23, and after spending two technology points. To craft it, Palworld players will need Pal Fluid, stone, and ingots, and once crafted, it will improve the Watering suitability of the Pals in the base. The sofa, on the other hand, is unlocked at level 39 after using a technology point, and to craft it, the Palworld player must use leather and wood.

Palworld offers many options for players to customize their base as they see fit. It’s interesting to note that while some structures are merely decorative, others are important for increasing the productivity of the Palworld base. Each structure has its own use, whether it’s to help defend the base, keep a part of the place warm, or cool it down. In this way, Palworld adds an extra layer to the gameplay, making players plan their buildings to get the most out of them.



January 19, 2024

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