Palworld fans unanimously agree devs need to fix ‘maddening’ gameplay mechanic

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Palworld has been out for over a month and, since its early access launch, developer Pocketpair has done an excellent job listening to and interacting with the community. This has resulted in plenty of fixes and improvements to the game. While the community is appreciative, there is one ‘maddening’ gameplay mechanic Palworld fans unanimously agree needs to be fixed.

Pocketpair has released patch notes for a new update. Although it shares the same identity, this is a follow-up from the original update released a couple of days ago. This update is great news for fans upset by the last patch, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t roll back a popular bug fix Pocketpair is actually sorry for fixing.

In addition, it doesn’t roll back the massive fix that eliminated the easiest way to farm lots of gold. Still, fans are appreciative of back-to-back patches, and these same fans would like to see Pocketpair eventually fix the priority system for pals.

Palworld fans agree devs need to fix ‘maddening’ gameplay mechanic

Taking to Reddit, user UAHeroyamSlava asked fellow Palworld fans ‘How do I keep pals inside ranch?’. They also said ‘This is maddening’ while sharing a screenshot depicting the problem. Pals leaving the ranch and wandering about is an issue many in the community have complained about since almost day one of the game’s early access release.

Many users agreed with the sentiment that Pocketpair ‘really need to ditch the priority system and let us choose each worker’s priority manually, as well as give an option to permanently assign pals to specific things’. This is because ‘pals with multiple work suitabilities are just objectively worse because they get so easily distracted’.

Unfortunately, another annoyance of this ‘maddening’ problem is that you have to pick pals up and throw them back to their line of duty. However, this will only temporarily reassign them before they decide to go wandering off again all cuckoo.

Discussing possible ways for Pocketpair to fix the problem, some users suggest ‘The best way to fix this is if they just let us assign work priorities at the monitoring stand‘. Right now, some consider the monitoring stand a waste of space as all it really does is determine the work speed of your pals with them automatically set to relaxed.

Hopefully, the priority system is something Pocketpair plans to address. Nothing has been mentioned on Palworld_EN or the Pocketpair Discord channel, but the devs have been good at listening to feedback from the community. So it is something that likely will be addressed one day but when it will be fixed is impossible to estimate.

In other Palworld news, a fan has found a secret unused dungeon that you can build a base inside. There is an ongoing competition for fans to win a custom Palworld Xbox console and controller, and Pocketpair has good news for fans craving new content.

Palworld is available on Steam, along with Xbox and PC via Xbox Game Pass.