Palworld fans share most profitable items to sell after nerf to nails prices

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Palworld has received many updates since the game’s early access launch in January, and these updates have fine-tuned the game by ironing out bugs and glitches, as well as tweaking the game’s overall balance. Unfortunately, one of these updates nerfed the high-selling price of nails. It was an easy way to farm money, and Palworld fans are sharing the most profitable items to sell now that nails have been nerfed.

There’s new stuff for Palworld fans to anticipate very soon. There is a new evil pal coming as part of an epic raid battle, and Pocketpair has teased a beautiful quality-of-life change to base management. In addition, an official new pal joining the game soon, fans can also breed new unreleased pals from Pocketpair on PC.

While new updates will continue to be delivered, right now players are searching for ways to farm gold following the nerf to selling nails. Fortunately, there are many items you can sell to get a mountain of gold for your base.

Most profitable items to sell in Palworld

Palworld fans have been discussing the best items to sell for profit following the nerf to prices of nails. The Reddit OP also says they’ve only been able to capture 5.5 to 6,000 gold from killing black merchants rather than 20,000 gold touted by others.

As mentioned in one of the top replies, the amount of gold dropped by the Black Marketeer upon death depends on your world’s drop rate setting. If you have the drop rating setting set to Normal, killing a Black Marketeer should reward you with 10-15k gold. It’s also mentioned that x3 is about 30-40k gold.

While killing Black Marketeers is a way to get lots of gold, especially since they respawn, there are other avenues available. One of the best items you can sell is salad as they bring in the dough too when sold in heavy bundles. The only issue is that salads are not unlocked until mid-to-late game.

Away from salad, you can also sell baked berries. One user says they were able to make over two million by selling baked berries and it’s something that can easily be attained in droves through harvesting.

Lastly, other options include selling pizza, as well as selling high fabric/quality items. In regard to pizza, one user says they with one ‘megafarm and ore base with about 50 plots, 9 mills and 9 ovens, we turn over about 7 stacks of 4,999 pizza and one or two 1,249 cake stacks each play session’. Using this method, they were able to sell 35k stack of pizza for a ‘bit over 10 million’.

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