Palworld fans can watch live reveal of ‘something special’ coming to game soon

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Palworld developer Pocketpair has routinely updated the game since its early access launch in January. Recently many new additions have been added to the game, but something new is set to be added later this year. Fans can watch the reveal of ‘something special’ coming to Palworld soon by tuning into an event live later today.

As for new content coming to the game, leaks have unearthed many new pals and bosses coming to the game in future updates. There’s also a new mode the devs are officially experimenting with, and fans can also get over 50 new hairstyles for their male and female MC in the character creator.

While the recent patch notes for update added lots of great new content way beyond just a raid battle, developer Pocketpair is planning lots more additions this year. The Palworld roadmap outlines many of the planned additions, but later today the developer is pulling the curtain aside on ‘something special’.

Palworld dev Pocketpair is revealing ‘something special’

Palworld developer, Pocketpair, has shared on the official Palworld_EN Twitter account that they are releasing a teaser for ‘something special coming to Palworld later this year’. There’s no indication of whether it’s a new mode, pal, island, or something else.

The reveal is happening at the Tripe I initiative on April 10th. The event starts at 10 AM PT, 1 PM ET, 6 PM BST, and you can watch the event live on YouTube.

According to the iii_initiative Twitter account, the event will last 45-minutes. There will also be 30+ announcements from several different publishers/developers.

Again, there’s no indication of whether it’s a new mode, fresh pal, another island, a unique feature, or something else entirely. The tease that it’s ‘something special’ should have fans really excited.

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