Palworld fan shares important gameplay PSA to avoid making big mistake

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There are lots of features to Palworld as you’d expect from a survival game. Because of the many features it deploys, it can be easy to misunderstand some aspects, but there is also the fact the game is in early access so some misunderstandings may be the result of unintentional bugs. Whether a bug or something fully intended, one Palworld fan has shared an important PSA to help others avoid making a big mistake with mining.

Launching in early access only a few weeks ago, the game has already been played by over 19 million, and the community has been very helpful. Another important PSA shared by the community teaches players how to most efficiently feed Pals, meanwhile, fans have agreed on an update to fix the game’s most annoying mechanic. It’s obvious Pocketpair is listening to the community as their most recent update has fixed the game’s worst-ever bug that fans were understandably miffed about.

It’ll be interesting to see if Pocketpair listens to fans again in regard to this specific misunderstanding concerning mining. Some players are unsure if it’s a bug or something overlooked by Pocketpair, but you need to understand the problem to avoid making a big mistake.

Palworld mining PSA

Reddit user Stormandreas has shared an important PSA concerning mining in Palworld. Per their post, players should know that ‘Increasing mining work suitability via condensing does not allow pals to mine what they couldn’t before‘.

Stormandreas says they spent a day or more ‘breeding Incinerams with a perfect set of passives as well as spares for condensing’. This was done with the intention of them managing their entire ore/crafting base as they covered all of the skills he needed including Mining 2 when fully 4-starred. Unfortunately, this was a big mistake as it turns out that, ‘despite having Mining level 2, Incinerams are unable to mine ore’.

The user speculates that Condensing possibly only increases the speed and efficiency of work tasks, but, whatever the case, they definitely do not increase capability. As a huge warning to fellow players, the user reiterates that if you want to mine ore, the pal must have Mining 2 base and Mining 3 base for Coal. Condensing does not change anything.

In the replies, many users were thankful for the public service announcement. One user was especially thankful as they were just about to farm 117 Penkings for their quartz base. While thankful, some users said it ‘sounds like a bug‘ while others felt it ‘seems like a pretty basic mistake‘ from Pocketpair. Whether it’s a bug or divisive game design, at least you’re aware of the problem.

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