Palworld fan finds secret unused dungeon you can build a base inside

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Pocketpair’s survival epic takes place over a huge open playground comprised of several islands full of lush fields, snowy landscapes, and mountains. However, as if the world map couldn’t get any bigger, a Palworld fan has found a secret unused dungeon that you can build a cozy base inside. And it’s definitely worth checking out for every Palworld player!

Although easy for some to forget, the game is in early access only meaning there are understandably bugs that need ironing out. Pocketpair has reassured fans that the next Palworld update is coming out as planned to fix a serious situation ASAP, and the official roadmap does promise more content for the future to keep players hooked and coming back.

Although no new content has been added since launch, players are still coming back in masses on a daily basis to breed powerful pals and craft unbelievably good bases. The community has previously shared the best base location nobody is using, and now another fan has shared a secret unused dungeon that you can build a small and cozy base inside.

Secret unused Palworld dungeon to build a base inside

Palworld YouTuber Notmymains has shared a secret unused dungeon that they built a base inside. They have also shared this scrapped dungeon with the game’s community on Reddit. On the game’s subreddit, they explained that they found the secret dungeon ‘After spending roughly 5-6 hours combing underneath the map’.

It’s unknown whether the dungeon was scrapped and abandoned entirely, or if it will eventually be used and home to a boss in a future update. But, in its current state, you can use it as a place to host a cozy base for your pals.

This secret unused room was also shared on Reddit by user Pumpkeo. It’s near the Cinnamoth Forest, and you can find its exact location by checking out the Reddit video down below.

Once you find the location as per the video above, you can also try clipping through the rocky wall by mounting your pal, petting it, getting stuck in the wall, and petting your pal again. Also, check out Notmymains’ YouTube video for guidance.

Again, it’s an unused dungeon that may or may not be used in a future update. Right now though, you can use it to build a secret base. Notmymains did it in single-player, and they say do not drop anything on the ground as ingots will fall through the map and be lost. You also cannot build on the roof of the secret location.

For more Palworld bases, check out our compilation of the seven best base designs shared online. As for other news about the game, we know when the next Palworld update is coming and what it will fix, and fans currently have the opportunity to win a beautiful custom Palworld Xbox console and controller.

Palworld is available on Steam, as well as Xbox and PC through Game Pass.