Palworld element system gets memed by community

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The Palworld element system is a way for players to use advantages they have. Each Pal has a different element type, and it can be good or bad against other types. This is one of the similarities to Pokémon and other games, but it’s a crucial part of the Palpagos Island ecosystem. For example, a Water-type Pal would be useful to defeat a Fire-type Pal. Just recently, the community hilariously mocked the element system with one clever meme.

Palworld element system meme sends players into frenzy

The Palworld element system is pretty straightforward and it’s easy to understand. The diagram that got turned into a meme showcased it. Electric is effective against Water, which is effective against Fire. Fire is effective against Grass and Ice. Grass is effective against Ground, which tops Electric to finish that cycle. The other side with Ice is a little more difficult, but it’s all there.

As one Redditor by the name of u/SyedXD123 pointed out, a gun is effective against all of them. That’s where this game differs from Pokémon and others with an element system. A gun is “super effective” against every single type and it doesn’t really have a weakness.

Image via u/SyedXD123 on Reddit

This is one of the most unique aspects of Palworld, and it got the community chatting. u/Jakedex_x added, “You forgot the Element of surprise.” u/Kerbodynamicx said, “Human weaponry counts as having no type at all, and is neither countered by, or counters any type of pal.” u/Jjzeng commented, “If that don’t work, use more gun.”

Several users also added that rockets and other types of standard weapons will work wonders. No Pal can withstand a missile launcher, so there are even more advantages to carrying weapons to fight Pals with.

u/Beanieboy42 added that they thought they could get by without guns, but found that they were too useful to ignore, “I got to level 50 before I made a gun in this game ,was adamant I didn’t need one and my crossbow would get me through, then I made an assault rifle and suddenly I wasn’t carrying half my weight in arrows.”

Guns reign supreme in Palworld, where a weapon can make all the difference. That’s all for how the community feels about the Palworld element system!

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