Palworld developers get praised in comparison to major studios

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The Palworld developers is not one that many knew prior to the game coming out. It’s been a smash hit for PocketPair, but they were not a top entity like Rockstar, EA, Ubisoft, or something like that. However, with the success and beloved nature of Palworld, and the relative disappointment in the big AAA games of late, that doesn’t really matter. In fact, gamers are heaping praise on PocketPair while their game thrives and blockbuster titles flounder.

It’s no secret that AAA games of late have not been as well-received. A few of them from last year did very well, like Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac. This year, it’s been tough sledding. Skull and Bones has been a disappointment after being teased as the first AAAA game. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League failed to deliver on the hype as well.

All the while, smaller games like Palworld, and to some extent Helldivers 2, have thrived in the meantime, and the Palworld developers are a big reason why. This Reddit post from u/chrimicav detailed how well indie studios like PocketPair are doing right now.

Image via u/chrimicav on Reddit

The community seems to agree with this. Palworld has taken the gaming world by storm and the fans love the developers. PocketPair has assured them at every step of the way that they’ll keep the game going as long as they possibly can. They routinely fix bugs even though the game is in beta, and they even apologized for fixing a bug that players liked.

u/gorgofdoom said they were certain that PocketPair’s value had to be through the roof by now, “I’m pretty sure pocket pair is worth more than a billion at this point.” u/ServingSize_OneNut said PocketPair had a lot of pressure, but lived up to it, “Palworld must prove itself to the market, and so has great reason to make a good game.”

This is just the latest in a trend of praise for the Palworld developers. They’ve managed to make a great game that isn’t full price and have captured an audience before the full game is even ready. That alone is worthy of praise, but they have stuck it out and continue working on the game still. With a lengthy roadmap planned out, there’s plenty of reason to be very excited by what this development team has done.

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