Palworld developer Pocket Pair is teaming up with mobile publisher Klab for future hybrid-casual game

  • Pocket Pair has teamed up with KLab for a hybrid-casual game
  • The project began in 2020
  • This doesn’t confirm nor deny a possible Palworld mobile version

Pocket Pair has been making headlines as of late, not just with the overnight success of its so-called “Pokemon with guns” game Palworld, but also because players have been speculating a possible mobile release thanks to a cryptic job opening for mobile not too long ago. Now, KLab Inc. is adding fuel to the fire by announcing a partnership with Pocket Pair, and as eager fans of anything new to the world of mobile, we can’t help but get overly excited.

Of course, this epic team-up doesn’t exactly confirm nor deny that Palworld is coming to mobile, but we do want to dare to dream. According to the announcement, KLab and Pocket Pair will be working on a hybrid-casual game, which, by the official press release’s definition, means that it “combines the simplicity of casual games with the mechanics of online games that can be played for longer periods of time to generate revenue from both in-game purchases and advertisements.”

It’s a bit of a fancy definition, but it’s actually been in development for three years or so now. According to the press release, “Joint development between the two companies began in 2020, and after numerous prototypes and KPI tests, the project is finally ready for commercialization.”

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In case you’re unfamiliar with the studio, KLab is responsible for mobile hits such as Love Live! School Idol Festival, Bleach: Brave Souls, and Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team. Only time will tell what kind of fruits this partnership will bear, but suffice it to say it’s got us all properly hyped for whatever comes next.

For now, if you’re curious about Palworld, you can take a shot at the Early Access version on Steam.

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