Palworld dev says highly-requested feature is ‘isn’t possible’ on Steam or Xbox

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Palworld developer Pocketpair has done a tremendous job fixing and improving the game since its early access launch. No new content has been added yet, but there’s been plenty of worthwhile tweaks and fixes to keep the community engaged. Fans do have all sorts of wishes for the game moving forward, and, unfortunately, the developer says a highly-requested feature ‘isn’t possible’ on Steam or Xbox for Palworld yet.

The new update is now out on Xbox consoles with patch notes available online. While these patch notes mostly show all of the fixes and additions, what the patch notes fail to divulge is the added censorship to the game. While the added censorship has resulted in debates online, some better news is that the update rolls back a controversial fix involving breeding.

Pocketpair will continually update the game and, eventually, there will be new content. The developer is simultaneously working on fixes for bugs alongside new content, but, for the here and now, it is ‘isn’t possible’ for them to implement a sorely sought-after feature on Steam and Xbox.

Palworld dev says it ‘isn’t possible’ to change character name

One of the most highly-requested small features for Palworld since launch is the ability to change your character name on an existing save. Unfortunately, unless you discover some cheat or workaround, it is impossible to change the ID of your player unless you start a new world.

Lots of Xbox users have complained about generic player names such as ‘Player 606,’ but even on Steam, it is not possible to change your created character name unless you start completely anew. This has become more of a problem lately with the new update’s added censorship as a fan on the Pocketpair Discord showed that their name had suddenly been censored with asterisks.

Responding to the reported aggrievance, Pocketpair’s community manager, Bucky_cm, said that the standalone word ‘a**” is just on the filter list and ‘That is sort of outside our jurisdiction’. While censorship is an issue that has ruined the player name, an easy fix would be to change the character name on their existing save.

Image credit: Pocketpair Discord

Unfortunately, Bucky_cm says this ‘isn’t possible’ on Steam and Xbox. It’s unclear whether they mean this is just not doable right now, or if it is something currently unable to be introduced in an update. Regardless, if you have a filtered word in your name, you may be seeing asterisks that can only be removed by starting anew and creating a new identity.

Palworld cannot change character name
Image credit: Pocketpair Discord

Hopefully, Pocketpair does introduce the ability to change character names on an existing save in the near future. Again, it would be a simple fix for the new issues introduced by the censorship additions, and it’s just something that is a part of other online multiplayer games.

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Palworld is available on Steam, along with Xbox and PC through Game Pass.